Real To Reel: 6 Actors and their stunning transformation stories for a character

It might not be a lot about prosthetics, but even little nuances lead to just the way the actor looks in the character. Here are six actors who went through stunning changes in a characters.

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Actors and their transformations

Actors and their transformations

Actors going through transformations for a character isn't a new phenomenon, but lately, there has been a shift in the way they approach the said transformation. It might not be a lot about prosthetics, but even little nuances lead to just the way the actor looks in the character. Here are six actors who went through stunning changes in a characters.

Priyanka Chopra in 'Mary Kom'

Priyanka Chopra in 'Mary Kom'

Mary Kom was a special and personal film for Priyanka Chopra, who pushed herself physically and mentally to do justice to the role. She spent five months training to learn boxing and physically altered her body to get into an athlete’s shape. She considers it to be one of the toughest roles in her career. 

Manoj Bajpayee in 'Aligarh'

Manoj Bajpayee in 'Aligarh'

In the portrayal of a lonely, homosexual professor in Aligarh, Manoj Bajpai once again asserts his position as one of Hindi cinema's most dynamic actors. Understanding the loneliness and isolation Ramchandra Siras would have felt, Bajpai modified his body language, acquiring a fidgety gait and a halting voice.

Sushmita Sen in 'Taali'

Sushmita Sen in 'Taali'

In her powerful portrayal of transgender activist Gauri Sawant, Sushmita Sen took on the roles of both a young boy and Gauri Sawant, undergoing physical transformation and altering her voice and mannerisms. When shooting the scenes as a man, she gained weight to embody a more masculine structure, bandaging her chest and wearing a crotch guard for authenticity. 

Rajshri Deshpande in 'Trial By Fire'

Rajshri Deshpande in 'Trial By Fire'

In portraying Neelam Krishnamoorthy's challenging journey, Rajshri Deshpande gained 15 kgs, but that was only one of her 'trials!' Reflecting on her role, she said, "Entering Neelam's shoes wasn't just about the weight, it was also about delving into the nuances of motherhood, fighting for justice. I also observed my own mother and her body language - her way of walking, for instance, and took inspiration from her life and added my own experience as a woman.”

Pankaj Tripathi in 'Sacred Games'

Pankaj Tripathi in 'Sacred Games'

Guruji, a character shrouded in mystery, holds a unique place in Pankaj Tripathi's illustrious career. His commitment to the character involved secluding himself for long hours to memorize Guruji's sermons and deliver them with conviction. 

Ranveer Singh in '83'

Ranveer Singh in '83'

It took 4 hours of cricket a day for six months for Ranveer Singh to become Kapil Dev, transforming his physicality and biomechanics. Months of preparation and practice, including a month dedicated solely to changing his physique, highlight Singh's commitment to capturing Kapil Dev's unique athleticism.

As we applaud and celebrate the nuances of their transformations, we are reminded that the magic of cinema lies not just in what we see but in the dedication and authenticity that the actors bring to every role.

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You forgot Randeep Hooda in sarbjit

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