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Rani Mukerji on Nepotism: The Nepotism debate is baseless

Rani who is the daughter of renowned filmmaker Ram Mukerji said that in this industry you get where you get because of your talent and merit.

Published: Friday,Nov 24, 2017 17:10 PM GMT-07:00
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Rani Mukerji had a critically acclaimed debut in the social drama film - Raja Ki Aayegi Baaraat (1997) and it looked like she is here to sustain. Following her remarkable performance in her debut, Rani delivered two back-to-back blockbusters in the next year - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) and Ghulam (1998).

Rani hails from a filmy background, her father Ram Mukherji was a renowned director and aunt Tanuja Mukerji was a well-known actress. In the rise of the Nepotism debate, Rani spoke about the same at a recent event held in Kolkata.

Speaking about her views on Nepotism, she expressed, "I wouldn't say I had a soft landing. In the film industry, you get where you get because of your talent and merit. We have to sweat in out and work in all kinds of environment and wait for the audience to accept you or not accept you".

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She further said, "You may be the brother, sister or daughter of a popular actor or director, and still not be accepted. When I got into films, my dad wasn't a very successful producer or director. Nepotism debate is baseless. People have come from a non-filmi background and made it big in Bollywood".

While present at the event, Rani also revealed that how she never wanted to be an actor. She said, "I never wanted to be an actor. My mum wanted me to be an actor, I actually agreed with her wish. My father was very against my mum's wish. He was not very keen that I join films because he has been in the industry for so long. He thought that I wasn't too strong to go through the perils of cinema. I told my mum she should reconsider as I will make a fool of myself. But she wanted me to at least try. I did it and I realised that I wanted to do this. And then, there was no looking back".

What do you guys think of Rani Mukerji's views on Nepotism? Tell us in the comment section below.

(Quotes: India Today)

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Ruhi.007 5 years ago +sana_zee
People born with silver spoons keep talking about the effort that have put in eating the food. While the rest are fighting out to get the plate of food so that they too can 'put in the effort to eat'.

Then we have to bear people like abhishek bachan, decaying so many movies. I had thought that this guy just had the worst of luck because none of his movies click. I realized the reason when I was watching an older koffee episode. He blatantly and proudly says he does not watch bollywood. While making faces, he implies that bollywood is beneath him. Of course he would not get any luck, he does not deserve it and he got it all very easy. People should have some respect to the job that feeds you, else they should have some integrity and switch to a lesser paying job even if it pays less.
Is there any other actor from non filmy background who would still get films inspite of these many flops.
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sherlockthor 5 years ago Hahahahahahhah

Yeah right

Why make such stupid statements
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luxmi_1029 5 years ago The more people who benefit from nepotism but deny it, like Rani, Saif, Karan, Alia and so forth, the more real it gets. the only reason the argument is still going on is because these guys don't know how to accept how they were able to get ahead. All these stars used to pass them off as the "girl/boy next door"... now we know they clearly aren't<br/>For goodness sake... just accept you got privilege. And your entry was likely so much more easier than someone with no ties to the industry. The fact they are getting so defensive about it makes me wonder if they truly believe in their own talent. No one is saying you have no talent... just that you had a much more easier start. They are probably scared that if this argument goes on further the chances of people with no ties to the industry making an entrance will out number those who do. If you really believe you have talent than accept it. Nepotism exists.
But I agree, light was shed on the obvious. We know nepotism exists. It doesn't matter anymore who denies it or not. Please don't waste time writing more articles on it. There are more important things that deserve coverage2017-11-24 16:48:59
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RosyRosh 5 years ago i agree with her. it is baseless. its a dumb argument.
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Sana_zee 5 years ago "The nepotism debate is baseless" said every person who was born with a silver spoon
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