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Rangoli Brutally Bashes Deepika Padukone for dancing in the name of Depression

Deepika Padukone becomes the latest victim of Rangoli Chandel's Brutal Bashing...


Rangoli Chandel is yet again in the news, this time for brutally bashing Deepika Padukone.

In a post, Rangoli has hurled harsh statement against Deepika for dancing her way out in the name of depression.

Retweeting a post of Deepika's TLLL foundation (which works towards helping people suffering from depression), Rangoli wrote alongside, "Yeh kya ho raha hai? Yeh depression hota hai, yeh woh log hain jinko word Mental se problem thi, magar depression vidoes pe baration ki tarah nach rahe hain, kya ghatiya wahiyat tarika hai depression ke naam pe publicity lene ka .. @TLLLFoundation 🤦🏻‍♀️"

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Needblessings 1 years ago I truely belive the entire bollywood should boycott K.Rand should take some serious action aginst the way who is this RANGOLI CHANDAL? whtas her credibility? Enough is enough,
RapChick101 1 years ago I think everyone should just continue to ignore Rangoli, because she’s just a moron with no brains, personality and life of her own.
misfit007 1 years ago This is just utter BS. As someone who’s been dealing depression for 13 years is pissing me off in the worst way. Does she even understand depression if she’s sprouting this kind of crap. Then again who am o even talking about here. I shouldn’t expect any sensibility here. Someone needs to shut this woman up or get her help.
BeyondHorizon 1 years ago This woman is f**king crazy! The Ranaut sisters are celeb-eaters if there can be a term like that. Targeting every actor or actress who is not related to them and unnecessarily bashing them in SM is all the only work they seem to have now. As
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