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Some people welcomed the New Year by celebrating at a party and some in a cosy warm...

Some people welcomed the New Year by celebrating at a party and some in a cosy warm room at home away from the severe cold wave. Ranbir riding high on his success of hits was practising skating skills for his upcoming movie Anjaana-Anjaani.

Sajid Nadiadwala the producer of Anjaana-Anjaani, Ranbir is one dedicated actor and he won the hearts of crew members by giving the right shot. They came to know that Ranbir had been practising ice-skating for past 3 nights and that too in -6 deg cel!

As per news the final product is breathtaking so much so that it made co-star Priyanka want to give it a try herself and as the original script had both Priyanka and Ranbir ice-skating together, it wasnt too difficult to accomodate. However Piggy Chops was forced to return to India to complete her promotional duties for Pyaar Impossible.

Both the co-stars are said to be very competitive during shooting and Priyanka is not prepared to give Ranbir the chance of outdoing her!

So lets wait to watch skating, ooops Anjaana-Anjaani

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