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#RamadanSpecial: Pakistani Shows that melted our hearts, ignited our thoughts & seized our souls!

Lyrical is the word....


Pakistani Shows are definitely rich in content and emotions. In no time, they can strike a chord with anyone and have a flavor that cuts through continents. This Ramadan, we pay an ode to few of such shows that have created a spot in our hearts through sheer force and universality of their content. 

Let's have a look:

Zindagi Gulzaar Hai:

Of course, the world famous love story of Zaroon (Fawad Khan) and Kashaf (Sanam Saeed) is looked up by everyone. The show captivated large audience as two people different from each other by thoughts, attitude and financial status fall in love with each other and carry on with their lives. It's rich narrative makes it an emotional watch and is reflection on beauty of life to extremes.


The tune itself evokes nostalgic. The story revolves around Ashar (Fawad Khan) and Khirad (Mahira Khan) who are forced to marry each other. Love blossoms but fate interjects. The show explored roller-coaster of emotions in truest sense. 

Sadqay Tumhare

Sadqay Tumhare is yet another show that takes on the narrative of being emotionally happy. Based on the show writer's real life, it revolves around Shano (Mahira Khan) and Khalil (Adnan Malik) and how their future is sealed by the parents. 


Dastaan had a different story line from all the shows listed above. In Dastaan, the story goes back the time of Independence and how its protagonists Bano (Sanam Baloch) and Hassan (Fawad Khan) face all the trials and tribulations. It's a love story backed by war, partition and its effects on individual level.

Did we miss any shows? Let us know in comments below.

Also, Ramadan Mubarak, everyone!

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Octothorpe 1 years ago @maha786 yes, Suno Chanda should have been in the list. Though Rom-com of sorts, it had it's own beautiful elements and everyday life feel to it.
maha786 1 years ago Why are only the most overrated show sin the list, except for Zindagi Gulzar Hai , the other ones were nto that interesting Suno Chanda should be on the lost also, it is a simple yet soultouching show full of various emotions people feel in their eveyrdya lfie, ti is a very close to reality kidn fo a show, there are many other shows that are good content But, from this list,. Kashaf and Zaroon's chemistry was something really unique and I enjoyed their banters as well as their scenes where they tried to get along with eachother hahahaha
Octothorpe 1 years ago Yakeen Ka Safar did deserve to be in this list. Khair, loved ZGH. Kashaf Murtaza was everything a girl would want to be. Loved her characterization. Thanks for this article. Ramadan Mubarak Everyone :)
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