Rakhi wishes... filmland bhaiyyas get sentimental

It is the day when Bollywood brothers get misty eyed remembering their sisters and the special filial bonding that is strengthened with a silken thread on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

Mumbai, Aug 28 (IANS) It is the day when Bollywood brothers get misty eyed remembering their sisters and the special filial bonding that is strengthened with a silken thread on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

Actor Tusshar Kapoor says: Getting the rakhi tied by my sister Ekta is something I look forward to every year. Of course, I'll gift her with something. But what does one give to a girl who has everything? Ekta is the coolest and smartest sister in the world and I want her to remain that way.

Manoj Bajpai: I have three sisters Kamini, Poonam and Garima. It's been years since I've been with my sisters for Raksha Bandhan. However, the three of them never fail to send me their rakhis every year through the Indian postal service. I wish them happiness and peace, I don't think there's anything more valuable in life.

Rahul Bose: My sister Anuradha is four years older. But we're soul mates... so close that we instinctively understand each other. She adores me, and I adore her back. I also get to adore her little daughter. My niece is the absolute fulcrum of me and my sister's existence. Ever since I moved in with my sister and niece three years ago my life has changed, not in any radical way... and certainly not because now I'm practically closer to the two people I love the most. No, I don't need to stay in the same house with my sister to share our closeness. I had to move in for practical reasons. Ever since then, my life has been one joyride. We go on long holidays together. I've a home to return to after work when I'm in Mumbai and as the man of my sister's house I enjoy the responsibilities that come with the territory. Now our father who lived in Kasauli has also moved in with us, so our life has come a full circle. I don't need one special day to celebrate our bonding. Everyday is Raksha Bandhan between me and A uradha. But yes, there will be the rakhi-tying and I'll get her a gift, though we're exchanging gifts all the time. Rather, she does the gifting. I happily do the receiving.

Nakul Vaid: My sister Chandni is the one person I love the most. She's always doing things for me. I think it makes her happy. It's about time I started looking out for myself. But my sister won't let me. But I want her to know I can do anything for her sake - just about anything. And what better gift can I give my sister this Raksha Bandhan than a genuine offer to protect her all her life? That will have to do because I can't afford anything more tangible.

Iqbal Khan (TV star): Both my sisters are in Australia and I always wish them all the best in their lives. I miss them like crazy specially on occasions like Raksha Bandhan. I'd love to have rakhi-sisters in Mumbai in my real sisters' absence. But I don't think the girls want to tie me a rakhi. I wonder why!

Aseem Merchant: As is the custom every year I'll be having lunch with my sister Seema and her kids. I'll, as usual, give her two presents. One from me and the other on behalf of my brother who passed away. I want to see my sister smiling always.

Aftab Shivdasani: My only sister Afsana will want me to spend time with her on Raksha Bandhan. That of course I'll do. I'll try to make her feel really special. My one wish for her, to see her smiling always.

Sammir Dattani: I'm in Bangkok shooting. But before I left my sister Sweta, my rakhi-sister Ritu and my cousins came over to tie a rakhi. To me there's no difference between my neighbour Ritu and my sister Sweta since we grew up together. I should be getting them something from Bangkok. Instead I've told them to buy me nice gifts.

Neil Mathur: My darling sister Neha means the world to me. After her marriage she moved to Kanpur. I want Neha to be happy all her life. And I want to make her proud very soon.

Ravi Kisshan: I'm spending Raksha Bandhan with my two sisters Rekha and Sunita and my parents at our Bandra residence. I'm gifting my sisters with gold jewellery and cash. Beyond that I want to gift my sisters with lifelong happiness.

Prashant Raj: My sister Chhavi lives in Delhi. I'm flying her down to Mumbai for the premiere of my film 'Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag' for Raksha Bandhan. Isn't that an awesome gift, heh heh.

Aryan Vaid: I've three sisters Meena, Sheetal and Poonam. Sheetal is in the US. But the other two are here. I'm going over to their place to get my rakhi. As a gift I'll be buying Poonam some mutual funds.

Rohit Roy: I've an endless list of rakhi sisters including my brother-in-law Sharman Joshi's wife Prerna. I've just one wish for all my sisters. May their brother become the biggest star ever.

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