Rajnikant defers political career again

Chennai, Nov 3 (IANS) Tamil thespian Rajnikant Monday ruled out a political career for himself till further notice.

Chennai, Nov 3 (IANS) Tamil thespian Rajnikant Monday ruled out a political career for himself till further notice.

'I will take a serious look at a possible political future only after the release of my forthcoming film 'Robot' ('Enthiran' in Tamil) and not before,' Rajnikant said during an interaction with his fan club mainstays here.

Though no release schedule has been announced so far, the movie is expected to be screened only 2010.

'Capability, hard work and keen intellect are not enough to make a successful political career. Circumstances play a major part. Further, while nobody can force me into jumping into politics, nobody can prevent me from taking the plunge either,' the film star said.

'Like a forced marriage will not do a couple any good, forcing a political career on me when I am not ready will not work either. Though the nation's present political climate is not conducive for any constructive activity, I, however, do not rule out anything. I am always guided by god and my conscience,' Rajnikant asserted.

Rajnikant denied that he had ever apologised unconditionally to hooligans in Karnataka.

'I said something a few months back to pacify people in Karnataka because the situation so demanded. Since Tamil cinema assets are always attacked by those jealous of their reception in that state, I made strong remarks on the assaults in Bangalore. After all, I am human. However, my stand on violence is well known and has never been compromised,' Rajnikant added.

Rajnikant's interaction was conducted in a marriage hall in the southern part of the city in the form of a catechism - after fans raised relevant queries.

Ten main functionaries of fan clubs from each district participated strictly by invitation.

The venue was under heavy police and private security guard.

The matinee idol avoided direct comment against some of his fan clubs' functionaries who started a political party in Coimbatore district a few weeks ago. The party features a picture of the actor in its flag.

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