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Radhika Apte reacts to the leaked steamy scenes from the wedding guest!

Radhika attributes it to ‘the psychotic mentality of the society’...


Bollywood actress Radhika Apte climbed her way to the top with sheer hard work and mastered the art of acting with her consecutive epic performances. The actress has imprinted her mark on international territories with Netflix and she means business!

However, Radhika never shies away from going bold as she is never afraid of the eyes that peek onto her with grim and obnoxious looks. Recently, some intimate scenes of Radhika Apte and Dev Patel, from their Hollywood film, The Wedding Guest, went viral, with a video clip and a few pictures being circulated on the internet.

Radhika isn’t amused by this, and was quoted saying by Bollywood Life as she attributes it to ‘the psychotic mentality of the society’.

The film was featured at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 2018 and had the US release on 1 March this year. But these clips and pictures recently made their way to the internet.

The film has many other beautiful sequences and the fact that one particular sex scene got leaked because of the psychotic mentality of the society. The leaked sex scene featured both Radhika Apte and Dev Patel in it. But the scenes are being spread in my name. Why are they not getting spread under the male actor Dev Patel’s name?

- Radhika Apte reacts to the leaked scenes from the wedding guest

In retrospect, this isn't the first time that her clips or pictures have gone viral. In time, the actress has suffered a fair share of distasteful and troublesome presumptions from the orthodox audience and she doesn't seem to be afraid of it! 

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