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RadhaKrishn: Radha Receives a 'Sweet' Surprise!

The latest track in RadhaKrishn will make you go aww...


Siddharth Kumar Tewary's larger than life mythological love story RadhaKrishn has been gripping the audiences lately with its interesting storyline of immense drama, tension, love, heartbreak and reunions.

RadhaKrishn which recently witnessed major tracks on the show where Radha, Krishn and Ayan were punished by Rishi Durvasa at his aashram where Krishn tried to strengthen his bond with Radha once again, will see Krishn working on showing Radha once again that their love for each other is still alive, in all the possible ways that he can!  

A source shares, "Ahead in RadhaKrishn, Jatila attempts to harrass Radha in an indirect way by giving her a torn shopping bag to buy groceries. Radha who is unaware of this ends up spilling all the items from the bag onto the road, to which Krishn and Balram come to her rescue. While Jatila thinks that her plan has worked, Balram safely delivers the box of groceries back to Radha's home. But to Radha's surprise, she finds Krishn hiding in the box, who comes and out and showers lovely flower petals on her, and proves that their love for each other is still true and unconditional!"


RadhaKrishn  Star Bharat 

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