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Raavi and Shiva's romance begins; Rishita learns about a conspiracy in ‘Pandya Store’

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’.

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Shiva and Raavi

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Shiva and Raavi finally deciding to be in the relationship. Meanwhile, Gautam fears about Dhara’s pregnancy and his baby as doctors has stated that there are complications in the pregnancy.

In the upcoming episodes, Suman locks herself in a room. The family gets tensed and breaks the door. Suman gets ready to leave the house. She states that her family doesn’t care about her and that’s why she has decided to leave the house and go to Haridwar. Everyone tries to stop her. She lashes out at Shiva and Raavi for not confessing their feelings earlier.

Dhara manages to convince her and says that they’ll take any punishment but she shouldn’t leave the house. Suman makes everyone to do sit ups. Raavi hugs her and says that she will become a good wife and a good daughter in law.

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Raavi and Shiva share cute moments. Raavi tells him that he can be his unique self and continue wearing his old clothes because he is unique which compels others to change their choices. Rishita calls Raavi and she leaves. Before leaving for work, Shiva and Raavi share cute moments. Dhara understands their feelings for each other.

Later, Rishita and Raavi tell Dhara that they should celebrate as she has completed three months of pregnancy.

Rishita goes to office and sees Kamini and her boss talking. She finds things fishy and gets worried for the loan that she has taken and hope that it doesn’t lend her family in trouble.

Furthermore, amidst celebration, Dhara gets unconscious and the family rushes her to the hospital.

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Palak2812 6 days ago The Episode was good with Shivi scenes, family bonding and specially the DILs bonds on the show ❤
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mpks1 6 days ago The past 2 episodes have been so good, it is like the old charm is back. It has only the 3 jodis, Suman and Krish will join them later. Just like the haveli days😍
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Shivi_forever 7 days ago Love Pandya Store
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