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Raat Gayi Baat Gayi (Movie Review)

A movie with a never-seen-before take on one night stand

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Cast: Neha Dhupia, Rajat Kapoor, Vinay Pathak, Dalip Tahil, Irawati Harshe Mayadev, Anu Menon, Navniit Nisshan and Ranvir.

Director: Saurabh Shukla

Not many Indian movies are based on one night stands. Saurabh Shukla's decision to charter into this lesser visited territory has turned out to be not a bad one…

The film revolves around three couples.
Dolly – Saxena (Dalip Tahil, Navniit Nisshan), Nandini - Amit (Anu Menon, Vinay Pathak) and Rahul-Mitali (Irawati Harshe, Rajat Kapoor). The basic crux of the movie is whether Rahul, slept with this young siren Sophia (Neha Dhupia) who he met at the party thrown by Dolly, thus endangering his marriage.

The movie goes on in a linear fashion with a lot of intermittent flashbacks where Rahul is trying to figure out whether he did it or not. And his blackout after the night's hangover only makes things worse. On the other hand Rahul's friend Amit is facing the music because his wife discovers his addiction for porn-chats. Both of them, with uncooperative wives go to Saxena, their common friend and refuge in such a grave hour of need.

We get to follow Rahul on his obsessive search to find out the truth about the one night stand, he thinks he had with Sophia. It's full of mischief, naughtiness and curiosity. Throughout the movie we get to see the silly fights that snowball into raging wars which is so typical of a long-term relationship. We get to see the kind of couple that likes to fight like cats and dogs and then reunite in just a comical manner. We also get to see the kind of couple that after committing unexpected mistakes can get back together after forgiving and forgetting. Then we get to see the kind, where compromise is made a synonym for commitment.

The film no doubt has a very innovative approach towards a subject that has hardly been dealt before in Indian cinema. Every scene is, simple yet marvelous. The script is tight and the talented actors hold the entire film good. There is not a single yawn-inducing sequence. We also get to see a 30 second bartending show (in the clear background) which is quite amusing.

The color co-ordination during the party scenes has an old world charm but one has to admit, may come across as boring. Sophia's studio and Rahul's home gives us new ideas on home-dcor.  The dialogues are crisp. The humor in this film is sophisticated and gives a relief from the loud jokes we usually get to witness.

The thing that hurts about the film is the over-rated sex appeal of Sophia. The girl looks like a pear at times. But then men are men and when in an inebriated state, the possibilities are that they can fall for just about any girl. Right? The glamour quotient in this film has not been given importance. This is what gives it an honest and down - to- earth coat.

The cinematography is straight with no fuss. The clean cut editing too helps to keep the focus on the central puzzle –did Rahul do it?! Don't expect any action sequences in this film. The only stunt you'll get to see is Amit taking a fast U-turn in his Hyundai car.

Ankur Tewari's music is fragile. The strumming of the guitar can make imagine delicate snow crystals falling. The one song that makes you want to sing along is 'I love you'.

Neha Dhupia once again arrives in a not so lovable character as Sophia. Her face shows us a lot of emotions…but the lack of depth in her voice kind of makes us question her. She looks perpetually high, which is justifiable because the character requires it. Looking at her as an actress, she should definitely get those legs toned or stop from flaunting them onscreen.

Rajat Kapoor
is the unconventional lead actor in this film. His effort to portray Rahul is sincere. He plays his part as an ad-man who's on the verge of becoming a mad man very well. He is pretty much successful in first making a lewd move at Sophia and then making us forget it all while quoting 'I did a mistake.'

Vinay Pathak looks adorable in the whole of the film. His crass language, yellow colored spectacles and Romeo hat which he prefers to wear the other way around, make him unconventionally cute. No wonder his onscreen wife, after a huge fight sits with her face perched on her hand and wonders why she ever fell for the guy.

Anu Menon aka Nandy (popular as Lola Kutty) is quite amazing. She shouts, she frowns, she yells, she bangs the door. But all that we get to do is sit there and smile at her. It's mysterious, but the female is graceful in every shot (yes even she's yelling!). Her dressing style is casual but smart.

Navniit Nisshan as the loud and superstitious Dolly is super-good. The lady is a charmer even though stuff her character tells is yuck.

It was nice to see Irawati Harshe Mayadev back in action as Mitali after a long time. Although it is disappointing her character didn't get to flaunt her bright smile. She looks feminine and classy.

Dalip Tahil once again has a very typical Bollywood surname 'Saxena'. The actor has not done more than his previous films in this one. He was just his typical Dalip.

Ranvir Sheorey's cameo as the NRI obsessed with Australian accent generates a good bunch of laughs. Makrand Deshpande's bit part was okay.

The team of Bheja fry, once again in a limited budget, has made a simple but entertaining movie. All those in relationships will relate to it. All in all it boils down to one thing; you need to have some faith in each other. If you decide to be together, then better go on with the hope that love is still there.

Not at all a bad watch…

Rating: ***

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

Neha Dhupia Navneet Nishan Rajat Kapoor Ranvir Shorey Vinay Pathak Dalip Tahil Anu Menon Raat Gayi Baat Gayi 

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