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"Yes, I am in a relationship with Bani," reveals Yuvraj Thakur

Bigg Boss Season 10 contestant Bani J was recently in the news for her alleged affair with actor Yuvraj Thakur.


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Bigg Boss Season 10 contestant Bani J is getting a lot of limelight with her antics in the show. The girl was also recently in the news for her alleged affair with actor Yuvraj Thakur.

The otherwise strong and composed contestant was spotted having an emotional moment in the house and was captured sobbing, holding a picture. It was soon revealed that the picture, she had been hiding from cameras, was that of Yuvraj and her. The duo have been dating for a while now. Yuvraj is best known for his stint in Bade Acche Lagte Hai and was last seen in MTV Girls On Top.

To put rest to the various speculations stirring up in the media, we decided to hear it straight from the horse's mouth. We Finally bring you an exclusive quote from Yuvraj.

Yuvraj Thakur told Tellybuzz, "Yes, I am in a relationship with Bani. We are together since past four months." When asked whether he is following the show, he replied,"I have not even watched a single episode of Bigg Boss season 10. I just want to tell her that Just be good and Happy."

With Bani being in the danger zone this week, we just hope she survives the wild card entrant's challenge and secures her place in the Bigg Boss house.

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Cshafkat 3 years ago Nice try losers. But I know truth hurts. Why would I be jealous of Bani? First of all I'm not even a woman and second even if I was a woman, I still wouldn't try to look like a man. Keep barking morons!! Truth hurts!!!
21July2014 3 years ago @Cshafkat woah woah woah!! Do people love someone from their appearance?? Yuvraj and Bani both have pure hearts and are humans in the truest sense. And what's wrong in being a homosexual? In which world dp you live? Watch out your f**kin character before judging someone else. You dunno how they are, how they live, their beliefs, they motivate people to live. It clearly shows you are jealous of Bani. Are you some so called yuvian? Coz me being a hardcore yuvian, I'm super happy for him. You seem to be no one here. Why do you even open this article and comment?
So Dirty is your comment as like you! Cheap.
Never judge a book by its cover. Never judge a person by his/her looks.
BreezyBoo 3 years ago @Cshafkat Your comment is just soo disgusting! Yes, Bani has abs 'cause she is a fitness freak and that doesn't make her a 'MAN'. You don't find Bani attractive but million others do, she has an extremely pretty face, amazing outlook towards life and a strong woman! Wth is this any man? And First look at YOUR OWN UGLY HEART before talking about someone's face! Bani is tomboyish and that doesn't make her man! And amongst all the contestants of Bigg Boss she is the PRETTIEST! Ever noticed her skin tone and face? She loves tattoos and Gymming and THAT DOESN'T MAKE HER A MAN! She is damn pretty! Don't post CRAP just because you HATE HER ! GET A FUCKING LIFE!
angel_juhi04 3 years ago @Cshafkat: Just cuz u can't find Bani attractive does not means no one else will find. Its not necessary for all girls to look slim n delicate. Does a woman looking strong deserves no man in her life? Wow! Wat a thinking!
Cshafkat 3 years ago Yuvraj must be gay secretly. How can any man find Bani attractive? She has abs and looks more like a man because of that. This is utterly disgusting!
21July2014 3 years ago Hey hey IF! Get your facts right, Yuvraj Thakur is better known for being Azhar Khan in MTV Girls On Top, Maddy in MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan season 2 and Anshuman in MTV Fanaah! *balaji sucks*
Love you Yuvraj Thakur
Shaina_b 3 years ago Nice to see him happy!!!!

I loved Yuvraj and Anita's onscreen pair!!!!

Would love to see them play Cersei and Jaime in Ekta's version!!!!

21July2014 3 years ago Okay so... If yuvi is happy, I'm happier.
Stay strong Bani and be happy coz you that man.
I love you yuvi, humesha &lt;3
WexQuasExort 3 years ago we already guessed it
duoh! we r PRO
what r we doing here on IF we should be working in media
Pynka 6 years ago Watch IIFAs new are an awesome host Shahid Kapoor... :)
can't wait for...!!!
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