"Working on Brahmarakshas was a fruitful experience." - Abhaas Mehta

He speaks on his experience, the challenges and the friends he made there...


Actor Abhaas Mehta recently won accolades for his work in the Zee TV show 'Brahmarakshas - Jaag Utha Shaitan' where he played the role of Yug.

The show went off air but the actor cherishes his experience being a part of the show.

Abhaas said, "Before this show, I have played a devil's role in Mahadev. Here, I played a demon's role. There was no prosthetic makeup but I did wear red lenses in my eyes. The character of Yug was probably one of the biggest challenges for me because I don't believe in supernatural. So I had to be convinced because if I don't believe in something how will I convince the audience?"

Abhaas also added, "I used to be a pain for my creative as I used to ask so many questions and demand reasons. Looking back, I feel working on the show was a fruitful experience."

When quizzed about his buddies off screen, he averred, "We had our own gang which had Kunal Vohra, Krystle Dsouza, and Rakshanda Khan. I would also like to share that working with Aham was a delightful experience since our thought process is almost similar and very light-minded."


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SugaAgustD 3 years ago Love you Krystle Dsouza..you were awesome as Raina..waiting for your new show!
Aham Sharma you were amazing as Rishabh!2017-02-28 07:01:01
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