"Why don't we call 'Game of Thrones' regressive," asks Ekta Kapoor.

And all we can do is Laugh Out Loud!

The content that is currently aired on TV is often termed 'Regressive'. But producer, Ekta Kapoor, in a recent statement said that she feels, Television writers should be applauded for the unique story lines and content that they are writing! She says that the content is not regressive but it is made for the masses.

When asked about the so-called regressive content, Ekta gave a statement saying, "TV has become for the masses. Why don't we call 'Game of Thrones' regressive? It is the same thing - you watch a woman give birth to dragons there, you have a red woman killing, a red wedding. I think, we (in India) write some great stories. When I had been to America and met an American TV producer, I was told that she was actually amazed at the kind of writing that we do here!"

So Ekta Kapoor has taken a blow at Game of Thrones. The same show that many TV shows plagiarize! Well, here is why we feel Game Of Thrones is not regressive -

Firstly, 'Game of Thrones (GOT) based in a 'fantasy' world that has its origin in the past; and when we say fantasy, it is purely! The concepts of the existence of Dragons and Knights is a wide phenomenon and GOT presents the same. The show is one of a kind and has some of the most amazing plot twists with logical backing to it. The show is based on a novel series called The song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. So, it goes without saying that when a show is based on a book, it takes key aspects and pointers from the same. The sheer grandeur, the mammoth scale, and the impeccable performances are things that make it a worthy watch. 

While you don't want to hear any spoilers but you want to watch it all for yourself; if someone gives you a Naagin 2 spoiler, you laugh it out. But when someone gives you a game of thrones spoiler, you want to kill that person! Well yeah, that's how engrossing it is! And that is the reason why we feel that Game of thrones can't be compared to Indian TV shows at all! If it has a woman giving birth to a dragon and a Red woman killing, it is totally acceptable! Why? Well, because they are original concepts and better define their fantasy world!

Now, we won't raise fingers at Naagin or Kawach, because we feel they are fantasy shows as well. The regressive content that we are talking about here is what is shown in Saas Bahu shows! However, we would like to point out the VFX quality in these shows and then in GOT. I mean, you almost believe the Cersei Lannister ACTUALLY blew the Sept. Indian drama shows start off with a concept and then add elements that are unacceptable, illogical, and do nothing but promote blind faith and superstitions! Women are shown as tangible objects and are put in jail, raped, murdered and even thrown off the cliffs. People get away with a murder and live a happy life, which kind of shows that the police force is good for nothing and you can get away with anything if you have money! The keyword being regressive, it is the monotony of shows we are talking about and the Saas-Bahu shows we are talking about.

What are your opinions on the regressiveness of TV shows? Let us know through your comments! 

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Comments (8)

EK is a joke. Shes deluded to think that her shows aren't remotely backward and above all that she compares them to her own ridiculous stories that are still swarming in cheesy immature relationships?!I mean come on!! Whats so regressive about the explicit and graphic scenes in GoT? Don't frikin call it regressive until your shows start notching it up a bit in the gritty factor.
Also I wonder what American producer made the comment for it was surely not about her shows anyway. Ha.

7 years ago

viewers r more responsible for making tv regressive..These days only aunties watch tv who while watching tv do all their work cook, cutting veggies, stitching clothes etc...younger audience have moved to internet n watch foreign shows becos dey r fed up..datswhy only aunties have been left who like such stupid shows..

7 years ago

IMO the entire content shown on television is regressive not just one or two shows, just tell me one show which is good on tv right now not even .one.
But fans justify their favorite shows because they watch them .
Western shows should not be compared to Indian shows, India is still a developing country & what these shows do happen in reality, it's just we don't experience it.

EK doesn't make shows to bring a change, she makes it for them who watch her shows, she is a producer & her main aim is profit.

If you don't like a show, you have a remote in your hands & variety channels, choose it instead of complaining about regressiveness.
People take any shit shown in movies but if Television shows it's a problem...

7 years ago

We should get the facts right here . half blame should go towards the viewers who watch the crap n give them trps n make them believe that theyvr working and other production houses also come up with the same thing . Most ofbthe audiences who watch these are housewives who stay in smaller tier cities these ekta kind if serials are catering b them..these people b give ekta to amke crap like that . unless we change bthey won't change .as simple as that.how many good concepts were startedn due to less trps they have closed down wwhen will directors take risk n put their money at risk...how many people watch crap just because their fav actirs n actresses are there in it.how many on india forums itself watch naagin kind of seriaks..let us change
ps I am not supporting ekta at alll
she won't change so better we change n she learns

7 years ago

LOL! In Naagin2, this woman showed a 53 year old being stabbed 15 times but having enough stamina to climb stairs, hit her daughter on the head with a vase, change into her clothes, copy her bridal make up, wear her jewelry. Change the daughters clothes. Let the vamps and villains catch her while pretending to be the daughter. Fight and scream very enthusiastically and energetically while NOT BLEEDING FROM THE 15 STABS OR SHOWING ANY HINT OF PAIN. THEN the same woman was kidnapped and was taken to a hill WHERE the vamps had a longgg verbal fight WHICH she politely looked on on. Then she was dropped from a CLIFF which should have splattered her brain like a watermelon but all she got was a thin trickle of blood from her forehead to show that she finally died.

You want to compare your ridiculous writing to GOT? Puh-lease.

7 years ago

@latanzia, completely agree with you. Whatever you have mentioned abov r is absolutely true.Nowadays every show is copied from the other. To rake TRPs these shows lift tracks from other shows. The CVs are brainless as they think by lifting tracks the viewers will enjoy watching the same crap over and over again. There were days when I used to enjoy watching daily soaps but now I just can't stand watching any show even for a second.

7 years ago

Does EK really wanna compare her crap shows with GOT? GOT is fantasy with well etched characters but can EK justify her characters? In YHM u have Shagun, who is a gold digger and then she has a change of heart, goes all the way to support her sautan by becoming a surrogate mother, loves that child like a mother for 7 yrs and later goes all vampy. The love for the small child which seemed so genuine disappears just like that. Is this logic? And then u have a crap show like KKB which is running for heaven knows why and now BR which lacks common sense. Her shows mock common sense and coming to Naagin 2, lesser said the better. I have no complaints about the VFX as I admit its difficult to replicate the technology used in American shows since we may not have the proper infrastructure but is the show making any sense? And then we have Kavach which was supposed to be an intense horror thriller but is nothing short of a joke now.
U cant make good shows? Then let it be but at least don't mock shows like GOT which are way ahead of the crappy shows you are making.

7 years ago

First of all how Dare EKTA compare the bull show on Indian soap to Game of Throne,what rubbish, first of all GOT is a FANTASY show, that is why anything is acceptable.
When you have a show like Nagin that cannot even show a proper transformation into a snake, then you have a show like KKB that has no plot, storyline or even a concept, but just keep repeating the same murder attempt over and over, then you have woman dress up in expensive dress and jewelry cooking and cleaning, which has no basis in real life. the justice system is non existence in soap unless you are wealthy. All indian soap star out with a good story but non of then stay true to the story they presented, they always deviate or follow what is the trend, non of the writers stay true. All the storyline is either borrow from another show or a movie, their is no originality, even in her shows.
For example KKB was suppose to be base on Jane Austin book sense and sensibility, has any thing shown in KKB so far has to do with that book or what happen in that book. All they writers indeed have good story but non of them stay true and that is a complain of all viewers of these shows.

7 years ago

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