"We just feel like being around our cute little son all the time." - Shaleen Bhanot

Daljeet and Shaleen were blessed with a baby boy last week, and today as the couple celebrates their own birthday we get the new daddy Shaleen talks excitedly about his new found parenthood experience!

Television couple Daljeet Bhanot and Shaleen Bhanot are extremely happy and overwhelmed about the new addition to their family. Even as Daljeet is in the hospital with the new born baby who was born on 9th of November we got in touch with Shaleen to know more about the baby.

Today it is the birthday of both Shaleen and Daljeet.  Sounding joyous Shaleen says "I and Daljeet are extremely happy. Today we both are celebrating our birthday with our little bundle of joy. The feeling of being a father is great and I am enjoying every bit of it. Daljeet is also feeling mind-blowing and she is exploring new things about being a mother with every passing day. We both are enjoying every bit of the new phase in our relationship."

The couple have still not finalized on a name for the baby, "We have gone through the entire Google dictionary for the name and we are still very confused on finalizing a name for our little bundle of joy," laughs Shaleen.

Just as any new parents would, Daljeet and Shaleen too have started shopping for the little one. "We have been shopping all the time these days for our baby and have bought a lot of toy cars, clothes, cart, and a cradle etc., for our son!"

It is more than clear that the couple is excited about this new phase in their life and currently the baby is the most important thing in their lives, "We just feel like being around our cute little son all the time," ends Shaleen who has been around helping his wife all this while.

Well, the much loved television couple seems to be very busy spending time with their newly born baby boy and learning and exploring new things about parenthood! We wish them both all the happiness and success on this new journey in their life.


Daljiet Kaur Shaleen Bhanot

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Diavs 6 years ago Shaleen Bhanot Daljeet Bhanot Best wishes to both
God Bless you all
Mrs_Darcy_17 6 years ago aww...
i love this couple a lot
stay blessed Shaleen Bhanot, Daljeet Bhanot n Baby Bhanot :)
pinky_blueskies 6 years ago awww.. congratulations, Shaleen & Daljeet. You both are gonna make grow as amazing parents :D <3
Moumimon 6 years ago Congratulations to both of you Shaleen & Daljeet..god bless your son...
SYGO 6 years ago Congratulations to both of you ,loved you Daljeet Bhanot as Anjali in IPKKND
giavs 6 years ago Daljeet Bhanot Shaleen Bhanot best wishes to you and your baby
mytri 6 years ago Congrats for your bundle of joy. God bless you all.
Anfal 6 years ago November is a lucky month for these two. Congrats to both and stay bless
showviewer 6 years ago Congratulations and Happy Birthday Shaleen and Daljeet.
Jily 6 years ago congrats!!!

enjoy your moments
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