"Vikas Gupta has shown what is actually happening in the current generation in Class Of 2017''

- Stebin Ben.

Published: Thursday,Jul 27, 2017 12:52 PM GMT-06:00
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Class Of 2017, one of the latest web series on Ekta Kapoor's ALT Balaji has received a mixed reaction for the kind of content it has in store. However, while that is one aspect of the show, another thing that has been liked is the music. 

Given the kind of music that the series has, we got in touch with the man behind the melodious beats, Stebin Ben.

What do you think is the biggest challenge while creating music for digital space?

Well, I don't think there are any challenges as such while creating music for the digital space. It is the same everywhere. Challenges come when the content is different. I had a lot of fun when I had to do both, compose and sing at the same time for Class of 2017 and that too for different situations. I am more of a commercial music composer and singer, so it was sort of challenging as some songs were energetic, some were really slow and romantic while others were fast paced where you might even end up laughing, so yes, it was really fun working on this one.

You've done more of live shows. How was it being a playback singer for the series?

Playback singing is a different thing altogether. Live music is always fun since you get to interact with the public and have them sing. While in playback, it is important to hit the right note and feel the song or else you'll not be able to connect with the audience.

You've got a huge platform to work on since Vikas Gupta and Ekta Kapoor are big names in the industry. 

Yes, it is a huge platform for me as I have seen her films and TV shows since childhood and I've always enjoyed watching her projects. About Vikas, I've been a fan of his shows, like Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan and Gumraah. The shows are aimed at the youth, so they've been a good watch.

Somewhere, there has been a lot of criticism for the series. Anything you'd like to say about it? 

It is really important to receive criticism on your projects because somewhere, that is what helps you make the buzz. So I think, I'll just say that Vikas has shown what is actually happening in the current situation, so the youth can actually relate all of this to his/her life.

How many songs have you done for the series, anything you'd like to say about them?

So basically, I have sung 7 songs for the series where I have composed and given music to some of them. The others have been composed by my music directors, Vicky and Hardik, and have been penned by Prince. While you watch Class Of 2017, you'll find every song to be different as they belong to different genres. Most of them are youth related!

What do you have to say about the series and the music? Leave your comments below.

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vivacious_gurl 5 years ago Really is this guy delusional? It's 2017 alright... But college isn't about sex, drugs, smoking, drinking... Whr r these guys studying if that is all they can see around them? This show is just blah
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