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"This season of Splitsvilla is like a fairy tale": Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone who is currently hosting the reality show Splitsvilla 7 on MTV, talks about her experience and much more in this conversation with TellyBuzz...

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Bold and beautiful actress Sunny Leone, who has been a part of Indian reality show Bigg Boss Season 6, has now got an opportunity to host the very popular reality show MTV Splitsvilla.

TellyBuzz spoke to Sunny to know more about her experience hosting the show, about speaking Hindi in the show and much more in this conversation.

How is the experience so far?

The experience has been absolutely amazing! I am having so much fun shooting for different things and tasks. It's just been so much fun for me.

How is it hosting with Nikhil?

Hosting with Nikhil is great. I am learning so much from him as how to speak, how to ask questions, how is the word or the format of the show because even though I watch the show, there is an another side of it for which the hosts have to watch out for because you sway away the contestants' opinion because you are a host. So, you have to handle the questions differently. I am learning so much from him about the reality shows in television and being in front of the camera. Of course I am adding my own personality which is little cooky on camera. All my costumes are very elegant and beautiful.

You are speaking Hindi on the show which is little difficult for you. So, any kind of special preparation you have to do for it?

I speak whatever Hindi I want. Later, when they come to me and tell that I was fumbling here then I don't get offended nor do I get embarrassed by my Hindi because Meri Hindi itni achchi nahi hai. It's getting better with time (chuckles). I have my own accent which I think will go away with hard work and time. I am making an effort to speak as much Hindi as I can because this is a Hindi show.

What is the biggest challenge for you?

I think the biggest challenge for me is Hindi. Sometimes the words are limited and how I can express them. I know about English so I can say anything easily so I just have to slow down a little bit and explain things while speaking Hindi. It's working out just perfectly.

Are you enjoying shooting in Samode Palace, Jaipur?

Samode Palace is absolutely gorgeous place. I am feeling very fortunate that being a foreigner I have heard a lot about these places but someone like me who is born and brought up in an another country, a place like Jaipur, its castles and palaces are something which India is known for and they are in people's wish list where they want to go in their lifetime. This palace is like one of them. I am feeling fortunate that I have got to stay in a place like this which has so much of beauty and culture. Even when you are driving around the city, you will get to see everybody dressed up well in their traditional outfits. In Mumbai, we see girls dressed up in jeans t-shirts, etc. but here everything is so different. Here it's so beautiful to see all the women dressed up in beautiful Ghaghra Choli with their duppattas half way down which is so different. Men are having turban on their head with different style. It's very special to be here and see that.

How are you finding the contestants of this season?

I am very emotionally involved with the contestants. Whatever is happening with them, affects me too. Whatever they feel like being happy, sad, or anything else, I feel the same because I am a very emotional person. They are very nice and sweet people as an individual.

Is hosting difficult for you than acting?

I am finding hosting a lot of fun. I have done a little bit in the past in the US and I enjoyed it then. I am a good listener and I can ask quick questions. All these things help me a lot. Sometimes, it happens that I have questions which he might have asked. We just play off with each other's questions and answers. We just enjoy doing that.

You are associating with MTV again and this time you are coming as a host so how will be the preparations this time?

With the show, I am more excited than ever. Having watched MTV Splitsvilla in the past, it is a great experience to now to be a part of it. I am really happy to be associating with MTV once again as I have earlier hosted the show Haunted, this time to be the host of MTV Splitsvilla,  I look forward to a great time and hope that in this season the contestants find true love as that would be their real win.

Any other shows you watch?

I actually do not watch TV. I am watching all the previous seasons of Splitsvilla. I am trying to watch the first show here. I watch few shows on HBO which are on my Show Time in US because don't always get to watch the shows of here.

As you have followed the earlier season of the show, how different according to you is this season from the earlier ones?

Last years' season was completely different. Sherlyn Chopra and Nikhil did a great job hosting. There was fire, and all other things, which was completely different zone. This season is like a fairy tale which is happening in a palace. All the tasks are based on fairy tale stories or something of those lines because that's the theme of the show. It's very different along with the 7 celebrities and there are 20 girls in the house. There are lots of girls this time which is very good for the boys and they are very happy (laughs).

The last season of Splitsvilla was hosted by Sherlyn Chopra, are you prepared for comparisons?

Comparison is a natural thing that happens, she did an amazing job. I saw the entire season, and she looked beautiful. She added lot of things different to the show which I think even the viewers enjoyed. She had a method which she followed. I seriously felt she was nice. Every person has a method. And I will do my work in a different way, hopefully people will love that too.

Any tips for the contestants?

I just keep giving one tip to all of them every time and that's just enjoy the moment. It's a small moment of time. You will never forget this time. Even I have been in the reality show Bigg Boss and I know that these moments never leave you because every single day you get to do something new and face new challenges. You will always remember this time in future. I always tell them to enjoy.

Will you be keen on hosting Bigg Boss?

Even if it would be for a minute, I would take up hosting with Salman Khan (smiles).

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