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"The story is about a search of a mother for her daughter!" - Bhagyashree Patwardhan

Bhagyashree Patwardhan who will soon be seen essaying the role of Amrita Swaika in Life OK's Laut Aao Trisha speaks her heart out in this exclusive chat with TellyBuzz.

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This extremely pretty and graceful actress has stolen millions of hearts of the masses over the period of 25 years. Yes she is none other than Bhagyashree Patwardhan. This pretty lass started her journey as an actor with a daily soap called 'Kachchi Dhoop'. She took a step further by entering Bollywood and giving a mind blowing hit 'Maine Pyaar Kiya', being the love interest of Salman Khan.

Well, yet again we see this pretty face coming back on television with her new venture Laut Aao Trisha which will soon air on Life OK as Amrita Swaika.

Read on what she has to say about her comeback, about the show and about her lovely fans.

You started off your acting career with television and then you went on to do films. Why did it take so long to see you back on television?

Intezaar ka fal meetha hota hain! I am so happy that Maine Pyaar Kiya happened 25 years ago and till today the kind of love and affection I have been showering and receiving by the audiences is something not every actor is fortunate about. I feel extremely blessed and I thank the Lord and I thank all of you wonderful people out there for giving me so much love. I think it is wonderful that I can come back into your lives, into your homes and entertain you on television.

What was so promising about the show Laut Aao Trisha?

It is very different. It has real people, real characters that I think all of us can identify with. I do not think any individual can be completely good or completely bad. We all have got that devil and God within us. Kahin na kahin burai me bhi achai nazar aati hai, aur achai me bhi burai ka katra rehta hai. We are all shades of grey and there is no black and white. The characters of Laut Aao Trisha have the shades of grey. Circumstances make us behave the way we do. Every individual will have a different reaction in a different situation. When tragedy hits you, you tend to have a variation in your character and it is at this time when we get to see the hidden faces of our family members. This story is about a search like this. Amrita Swaika wants to investigate every single person of her family who has any clue or who can be the person behind her daughter Trisha going missing.

Indian television shows are known for its long lasting stories. On the contrary, Laut Aao Trisha will have finite episodes. What is your take over it?

Yes! This show has a finite end. I find this concept very fresh and appealing because the viewers can identify with the end of the character. I think even as an artist, one knows the journey of the character which is very interesting. When we buy a novel and start reading it, we read the last page to know how the characters will end and will it hold our interest or not. I am sure the viewers are going to remain interested till the end.

Any kind of message you would like to convey to your fans?

All of you have loved me a lot. This relationship and bond between us started 25 years ago and it is still the same. To everyone out there I would just like to say please watch Laut Aao Trisha and strengthen this bond even more.      

What do you have to say about this amazing ensemble?

The best part about this ensemble is we got together like a house on fire. The best thing that our producer could do was to schedule our first schedule in Goa where it was work and party together.

Well, Bhagyashree your come back on television is surely not an ordinary one. Laut Aao Trisha sounds quite interesting. Let's see how much will the audiences' react to this new show.

Upasana Patel


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LovelyLakshmi 6 years ago Wonderful interview.
''Kahin na kahin burai me bhi achai nazar aati hai, aur achai me bhi burai ka katra rehta hai. '' so agreeable.
My mom loves u a lot. Welcome back!! Good luck 6 years ago Bhagyashree still looks better than most of the actresses today. So pretty. Seems like a good show
PureDrivenSnow 6 years ago Waiting for it but gnna try not to keep my hopes too high. Even if it keeps half of what was in the original i'll be happy. Just hope they do justice like the indian 24 did.
Shaina_b 6 years ago I am not watching it simply because I do not trust Life OK to keep it finite!!!!

sehar mehrotra
sehar mehrotra 6 years ago The best part acc to me is the "finite no. concept", this way the track is pre determined and the CVs don't deviate from it just to gain more TRPs.

All the best to the cast of the show.
sky_fighter 6 years ago If it "remains finite" I am going to watch it 100%
But Indian shows nowadays start with finite episodes and then end up getting dragged
Preternatural 6 years ago All the best Bhagyashree. Maine Pyar Kiya will always rock and hope you'll rock in the new show too
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