"The current TV scene is like survival of the WORST & the DIRTIEST"

says writer-producer-director, Aatish Kapadia..


Star Plus had major expectations riding upon the comeback of one of it's most cult and popular shows of all time, Khichdi. The popular comedy show was making a comeback after 12 years to the small screen and it was expected to do wonders.

However, even though the show received decent reviews, the numbers haven't been too great along with the fact that IPL played an important role in the show's under-performing nature.

Nevertheless, in a conversation with maker Aatish Kapadia, based on the show not performing well and the current scenario of Indian TV, we asked him about what he thinks on the same and what is the future, according to him.

Aatish said, "See currently, I feel Charles Darwin's theory has been wronged completely (theory being - survival of the fittest). For some reason, the current scenario is survival of the worst and dirtiest. However, it is a cycle and this will change again. Suddenly, a different sensibility will come in, and the rating system will change. In 10 years, I see that appointment viewing is going to become redundant, and that I feel, will bring a different kind of television sensibility to itself."

He added, "Digital, which has already been on the constant rise, will take over and the idea of whatever you want to watch, you watch' will be the trend. Television, as an object will just become another device like your phone or tablet, where you will have different streaming platforms to choose from, and there may not be any broadcast per se. "

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jasleen-tsmsp 2018-06-01T20:51:38Z Some real wise words here. Indian TV and especially Star Plus is just playing survival of the worst nowadays... they are axing promising and meaningful storylines while keeping those that are regressive, as well as axing the most logical and keeping the most insensible. They have no respect for good quality programming. Lets hope what he says is true and that the trend does change in the future but I worry that it might be too late by then for Star Plus, which will habe already been taken over by another channel.
-Villete- 2018-05-29T17:06:07Z Please Keep Khichdi going! Its the only Indian show it's even worth switching on the television for.
sammy17 2018-05-29T11:14:40Z Indian television is so far behind!
-RanDeep- 2014-08-23T10:30:06Z waiting to see u in FFF Deepika Padukone
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