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"Smile at life's troubles, they turn trivial" Shenaz Treasuryvala

Shenaz Treasuryvala deciphers herself,talks about the films that she is doing and her love-life!

Published: Thursday,Nov 26, 2009 15:49 PM GMT-07:00
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Shenaz Treasuryvala is so spontaneous,

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quirky, sexy, and the many avatars that she takes on (host,actor etc.) makes any possibility of categorizing her into a specific type of girl impossible. We give the task of demystifying her, to the best person who can do it- Shenaz herself!

Shenaz has sort of become a synonym for sunshine. But according to you, what kind of a person are you?
Well…haha .., not particularly fond of talking about myself. I see myself as sassy, naughty, fun, vivacious, energetic, spunky girl with a bright personality and quick wit. I'm extremely emotional and can get very mushy. I try and look at the brighter side of things and believe in smiling through adversities and life's trials and tribulations. My kick in life is to make people laugh, smile and feel. I love telling stories. I am spontaneous and very impulsive. I can be flirtatious and enjoy male company. I aspire to be a good person and not hurt anybody.

Did you ever guess you'll be a Bollywood actress someday?


Which female personalities inspire you?
Mira Nair, she came from a small town in Orissa that didn't even have an airport. Yes, I love her films and the sensitivity in which she handles them but I admire her for her spirit and her lust for life which I identify with. She inspires me!

How have your past films helped you in growing as an actor?
Acting is a skill that develops over time with experience. And like anything else you get better with practice.  I think I am the best I've ever been in Radio.

What made you take up Radio?
I fell in love with my character Shanaya. It was an opportunity to play a three dimensional character and not the typical 'Rich and bitchy' or 'sexy but innocent' roles that I keep getting offered. I really liked the script. I identified with all the three characters on the page and for me script is king. If the script is good and the character inspires me, I'm ready to talk.
So Himesh got me picked up from my home in Bandra and I met the whole team at his house. He made me listen to the music and I was sold. It's his best album ever. He was so enthusiastic and energetic and so excited to make a good film, I needed no convincing.
The director Ishaan Travedi had a decent reputation. At that point I didn't know how good he is with actors but now I realize it was a super choice.  He's been my favorite director so far, encouraging me and giving me the opportunity to really act and do my thing.

Do you relate to your character?
I try and smile in the face of adversity, distress and controversy. That's how my character in Radio handles her problems too by smiling at them. That's the best way, I've discovered cause when you smile at life's troubles, they turn trivial and fade away and then all you're left with is your smiling face. I try to live by this philosophy and so does Shanaya. We are very similar in that respect. Shanaya believes life is beautiful and looks at life through rose tinted glasses, I do too. So, I guess it was good casting.

How was it working with Himesh Reshammiya?
I enjoyed it. I respect and admire Himesh for his positive attitude, hard work and drive. I think we'll be friends for a long time. He is very misunderstood.

Since you are interested in filmmaking, did you get involved in behind the camera activities of Radio too?
Nope. As an actor you do your best to bring the character to life in the most truthful honest way you can and in this film I've done everything I can to breathe life into Shanaya and to make her a three dimensional person. I think I have achieved that. I did my job to the best of my ability.

You have so many interests, which one tops the list?
Acting, writing, hosting, photography, swimming, hiking, traveling, reading... I can go on and on (smiles). As long I can be creative; worldly, be outdoors; close to the sea and travel across the globe, I am happy.

How was your equation with Sonal Sehgal?
Sonal and I have become great friends. In fact she was over two nights ago, we hung out, drank wine, then went to Zensi. We went to Pune together.  Last month she showed me around Delhi. And tonight she's coming over to my home for a thanks- giving dinner. So, no catfights or hate mails! We get along great and speak at least three times a day. She's my buddy buddy… haha no not beep buddy… ew!

In Delhi Belly you worked with heartthrob Imran Khan. Tell us about him.
He's a nice guy. I enjoyed working with him. He is bit of a nerd but I LOVE nerds.

Are you seeing someone?
It's complicated (winks)!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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