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"Sahana keeps her gun and picks up her baby": Shikha Singh

A diligent Shikha Singh worked hard to get into the skin of the character of Sahana in Life OK's 26-12…

Published: Wednesday,Dec 05, 2012 14:51 PM GMT-07:00
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Shikha Singh plays strong women with lan. After essaying the tomboyish Amba in Na Aana Is Desh Laado on Colors; she is beautifully executing the role of Sahana who heads a terrorist gang in 26-12 on Life OK


How did you get into the skin of Sahana?

Sahana is very intense and focused. She is a woman of few words and says what she means. In real life I am an extrovert. I had to change from the mode of saying 100 words per minute to just ten words in a minute. I needed to go into slow motion, be calm and composed. I had to concentrate and then deliver my lines. This took a while but eventually I got the hang of it.


I think that Sahana is a very well etched out and intriguing character. Please comment….(she is also taking on an evil path)…

Sahana is a very important character in the show. I hear many people saying that she is a negative lead, but I feel that she is not just that. She was like the girl next door, a loving wife and a caring mom. However her dear husband was taken away from her. She is just fulfilling his last wish of doing something big.

Sahana's character has many graphs. She is the mother of a two month old daughter. She may be going out with a gun and killing. However when she returns home, she is a mother again. Sahana keeps her gun and picks up her baby.


What about Sahana do you like the most?

I like her conviction and commitment. She is single-handedly leading a group. Sahana doesn't have to take anybody's help, she is simply amazing, this is one of the best roles on TV to play for an actress; I am proud playing it.


What about Sahana do you dislike?

I don't like her being labeled as a terrorist. In real life I don't support violence. Maybe Sahana should have focused on dealing with those who had killed her husband instead of blowing up the country.


If you could meet Sahana now what advice would you have given her?

I would advise Sahana that she needs to spend more time with her baby as she really needs her mom.


You played Amba the dacoit and now you are playing a terrorist gang leader Sahana. Do you think that both the roles are somewhat similar?

In my opinion both the roles are very different. Amba was a very positive character, she was manly and tomboyish. Sahana is very feminine and glamorous. The looks and personalities of both the characters are very different. The only similarities are that both the characters speak with a base tone and are very strong in their own ways.


What kind of roles would you never do?

I am apprehensive of being in saas-bahu dramas, but having said that I would be intrigued in being a part of them, however in Komolika's role. As an actress I should do varied roles and never ever refuse any of them. In fact I would love to take up challenging roles.


You like to write. Please elaborate.

I like to write on a variety of things.


You are fond of cooking too. What do you like to cook?

As I am a vegetarian I like to cook vegetarian dishes. I prepare dishes from the Indian and Chinese cuisine. I like to make paneer makhani and parathas, bake cakes and cookies.


You enjoy dancing too. Would you like to participate in dance reality shows?

Dancing is in my blood, in fact I start to groove whenever music is put on. Also participating in a dance reality show will reveal a totally different side of me. That is why I took up Comedy Circus after which viewers got to know that I can do comedy too.


Author and Reporter: Pallavi Bhattacharya

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KANHA6 9 years ago u were superfantastic as Amba in Laado. Loved ur role there. Loved those fantastic episodes of Laado. I don't watch ur present work. So can't comment about it.
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Mehek25 9 years ago Shikha is truly a very versatile actress. I love her in the role of Sahana in 26/12.
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Shaina_b 9 years ago Shikha is a fantastic actress!!!!!

Even though she is negative in it, I am watching it only for her and Sameer!!!!!!

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ringroses 9 years ago 26 12..'Wednesday' of small screen !!.. everyone's doing super fantastic!!... Shikha Singh... .. .. speechless!!!!
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swethasyam08 9 years ago Each n every character has been potrayed very well in this show. Shikha is doing excellent as Shahana!! The tension is also gripping day by day. Wishing Good luck to her.
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-Nymphadora- 9 years ago Shikhas doing a brilliant job as Sahana-a hard thing to do considering how many layers the character has
shes a great actress!
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-Khush- 9 years ago you are doing a really good job as Shahana !!! Loving 2612! She is right the character has various tangents! She is not a totally ruthless one like Chadha the way she gave suchi a better environment to live in despite her being kidnapped ! She can make u hate at one point but also like her at certain points :P2012-12-05 06:03:26
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livelytanu 9 years ago Shikha is a gr8 actress! I am loving dis drama.
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sravss 9 years ago love ur acting as sahana...all the best
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sehar mehrotra
sehar mehrotra 9 years ago I absolutely luv the way she portrays Shahana...its sooo convincing...hats off to u Shikha
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