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"Rainy season is a season of happiness" - Nia Sharma

TellyBuzz in talks with Nia Sharma to know about her monsoon experience and memories related to the monsoon.

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Monsoon is the season that is loved by all for its scenic beauty that is seen. But most of the time it turns out to be annoying too, as it causes hurdles in the lives of people, especially the ones who are traveling during the rainy season.

On the same we got in touch with the actor Nia Sharma who was last seen in MTV India show MTV Webbed Season 2 about her monsoon love, her must visit during monsoon and much more.

Let's have a look on what she said...

Rainy season for me is: Wonderful and full of happiness

Precautions that I take during Monsoon: I keep my face clean because in monsoon there are chances of getting pimples on the skin as your skin tends to get oily and because of which I develop an allergy so I wash my face in every two hours.

My memories related to Monsoons: I remember as a kid I used to go on the terrace wearing shots and spaghetti run in the rain and get wet. Not only this I used to dance and get happy seeing the rainbow. These all things I can't do now because of getting cold and throat problems.

My favorite visit during Monsoon: It is a wonderful place Cherrapunji which is known as the wettest place on Earth as it is said to have rains there most of the times. There are many waterfalls and this place is known for rainfalls, it was like a heaven when we visited in the monsoon.

My Monsoon holiday: Lonavala and Tiger point, I am trying to take my mom since long as I haven't visit Lonavala yet and I want to go, hopefully it will take 10-12 days more to convince my mom to come with me.

Must carry things in Monsoon: For me as an actress I take care of my dress and sandals a lot, for which I see to it that I carry extra chappals and dress with me as I cannot afford to get them wet in rain. Then umbrella is a must.

My monsoon music: Great and vast music. I like to hear loud music when I am in the car and songs which I like to listen to is Its raining man and the latest Galiyaan song.

My monsoon special khaana: I am eating at home as cannot afford to eat outside food. I cook what I think is suitable for me and I avoid oily stuff like pakode.

My monsoon tip for the readers: Clean your face in every 2-4 hours as your skin needs attention during monsoons. Take precautions during outdoor and avoid outside food. Since I am at home for long I kepp on trying home remedies which are doing wonders for me and I would like to share it with my readers. Apply packs which can be made at home like that of dahi-besan or honey with lemon and turmeric. It actually works.




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priya_nishal 6 years ago Love you nia.. Eagerly waiting for jamai raja..
SmartyBoy_ 6 years ago Miss u so much Nia sharma...waiting for #JamaiRaja Heart
Lumos-Maxima 6 years ago Love you Nia Sharma!!
Good n8 sweet dreamz :)
JiyaNishal 6 years ago Nia Sharma gud ngt

Rock it doll
GOOGLU 6 years ago Love
amikool143 6 years ago You are beautiful

Nia Sharma

Love u
nishalluv 6 years ago Love u Nia Sharma stay blessed keep on rocking waiting desperately fr ur show muaaahhh!!!

Love u Nia Sharma stay blessed keep on rocking waiting desperately fr ur show muaaahhh!!!

jammy-bubble 6 years ago good answer by nia sharma...and we will follow ur tips doll
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