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"People make us actors" - Shiney Ahuja

After playing a prince in Priyadarshan's "Bhool Bhulaiya" the excited actor tells us how his forthcoming films will widen his horizon in the field and prove his versatility.

Published: Friday,Oct 05, 2007 18:28 PM GMT-06:00
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People make us actors - Shiney Ahuja
Shiney Ahuja is known as a serious actor who delivers performance-oriented roles with ease. But now this handsome hunk is trying his best to break out of this image. After playing a prince in Priyadarshan's "Bhool Bhulaiya", Shiney is now all set to play a comic character in Janu Barua's "Har Pal". The excited actor tells us how his forthcoming films will widen his horizon in the field and prove his versatility.

Q.: Is "Bhool Bhoolaiya" a thriller or a comedy?
A.: It's more of a thriller, with just a few funny moments thrown in.

Q.: You are playing a prince in this film. Tell us about your character.
A.: You are absolutely right. I'm playing a prince named Siddharth who loves his wife, played by Vidya, very much. He doesn't believe in spirits or ghosts. But when supernatural things start happening, he starts suspecting others in the house and starts linking them to the mishaps. He then tries to solve the mystery.

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People make us actors - Shiney Ahuja
Q.: The story is based on supernatural powers. Do you believe in such things in real life?
A.: I believe there's only one superpower in the universe and that's God. I believe only in him and as I haven't had any chance to meet other supernatural elements that people talk about, I don't believe in them.

Q.: There are rumours that the bungalow where the film was shot was haunted. Were you afraid during the shoot?
A.: Vidya was scared but there was nothing that could intimidate me (laughing). I think ghosts don't like me much.

Q.: "Bhool Bhulaiya" is your first film with Priyadarshan. How was the experience?
A.: He is one of those directors who know exactly what they want from their actors. Working with him proved quite comfortable for me. He used to call me on the sets only when he needed
People make us actors - Shiney Ahuja
my shots.

Q.: We have seen you only in serious roles till date. How was the experience of doing comedy?
A.: "Bhool Bhulaiya" is not a comedy. It's a psychological thriller that has some comic moments infused in it. And those shots have Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav. You can watch Janu Barua's "Har Pal" if you want to catch me doing comedy. I think it will make you laugh a lot.

Q.: Priyadarshan is mostly known for comedies. What was your reaction when you came to know that "Bhool Bhulaiya" is not a comedy? 
A.: Yeah, it's true that I wanted to act in a comedy by Priyadarshan. But when he offered me the role of the prince after describing the story I could not say no to him. It's really a golden opportunity to me.

Q.: Akshay and Priyadarshan are very close to each other. Did that relationship ever bother you?
People make us actors - Shiney Ahuja
A.: Look, he's a director and he needs many actors for his movies. Both Akshay and I are actors and we have our own potentials, as well as characteristics. If the director pays more attention to a particular character then the film will never work out properly. It'll ultimately harm the director only. So I don't think any director would do that.

Q.: You are known as an actor of meaningful characters. What do you think of it?
A.: People make us actors. I did "Gangster" where my character was serious, but it was not the real me. People get confused between the character and the actor. If I do a few comedy films, then you'll start doubting if I am capable of portraying serious characters. But I believe a real actor should be able to play any character. Till date you have seen me doing serious characters, now you'll see me doing comedies.

Q.: Do you want to break the image of a serious actor by doing comedies?
A.: It'll break itself. Any good director can recognize the potential of an actor by watching his past performances. Janu Barua offered me "Har Pal" after watching just a single scene in "Hazaron Khwaishen Aisi". He believed that I could do comedy. I think there are two kinds of artistes --- creators and followers. Followers just follow the established images, while creators make new ones.

Q.: Do you want people to accept you in your comic characters, too?
A.: Why not? I want every director to offer me something new. If things are the same all the time, people get bored of it. I would feel insulted if film-makers offer me similar roles over and over again. I take every role as a challenge. I'm quite mysterious and I have many qualities hidden in me. And I want film-makers to exploit my acting potential.

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