"Palak has no right to criticize anyone"- Ishq Bector

One of the contributors to the indi-hiphop genre, Ishq Bector, talks about Mona, Palak and his wickedly short stint in Iss Jungle…

Ishq Bector, rose to fame with his first indi-hiphop song Aye Hip Hopper. This was followed by the fairly popular Daaku Daddy. Just when we though he had faded into oblivion he showed up in the jungles of Malaysia on Sony Entertainment Television's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao. But sadly his stint was quite short-lived. Read on for more of Ishq…

Tell us about your experience in Iss Jungle.

I had a wonderful time. It was a chance of a lifetime to go back to the basics. You know, how our ancestors lived in the jungle, cooking your food on a bonfire, living in a small community and struggling to survive.

You got eliminated so early. Even the tasks that you completed did not get aired.

Yes, you are right that I got eliminated even before the task I had completed, that too with all ten stars, did not even get aired. I'm from Canada and I'm here in India to try to make a living, a career and just in a span of three days I was expected to impress the audience. To top it all I had to compete with people like Aakash, Chetan and Shweta who already have such a huge fan base. I'm a rising star, I'm on my way up… so I'm just feeling a little regret that even before people could get to know me properly and maybe get to like me, I got eliminated.

Your views about Palak and Fiza.

Well, what can I say? Palak is still a small kid. She's innocent and all she knows is that she's got to get famous anyhow. And she is trying to get famous by creating controversies. You have to accept the fact that if you don't have talent enough then you need to catch hold of something else to climb up the ladder of fame.

You were the complete opposite of Palak and Fiza. You were calm, composed and basically spreading love in the jungle. Still you got eliminated so soon…

You know controversies have the power to attract public. It stimulates them to get more engrossed in the show. But I think there will be a point when they will get tired of all the catfights and controversies. Then they will get attracted to the bonding that's happening between other contestants of the show. I mean eventually love will win over war.

What would you like to tell us about your camaraderie with Mona?

Mona and I are very alike. She is like the female me. There was a very special bond developing between us. This is one of the reasons why I feel I should have gotten more time in the jungle.  Then I'm sure I would have developed even a stronger bond between the both of us.

Among the male contenders who would you call your good friend?

All of us males were like a band of brothers. That's because our work ethics were the same.  We never used to think before doing work. The minute we were assigned we used to get on with our chores. The same mentality was displayed when someone needed our help. The brotherhood was that strong! And that is why I wish I could go back to the jungle. I'm sooo wishing for a wild card entry.

According to you who should win this show?

I'll give you my list of people who should make it to the top three. That's Akash, Mona and me, if you let me back.

Palak has commented a lot on Shweta's dressings too…

I think Palak has no right to criticize anybody's personal choice on dresses or anything else for that matter. Shweta is a gem of a person. She was ready to do any work in the show. She is also very brave. Palak has to be asked ten times for any work but Shweta was never like that, one word and she was on to it. Shweta toh hamari desh ki bahu hai!

What would you like to tell your fans?

I would like to thank everyone who has voted for me. I hope that all your support gets me a wild card entry back in the jungle and I can entertain you in many more ways.

We wish all the luck to Ishq for his wildcard entry!    

Reporter and Author : Susan Jose

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Comments (37)

hey great ishq.. i really liked ur answers..

14 years ago

Well, Palak kinda acts lyk a kid. She crys at everything. Im not the whos gonna deside of she should b eliminated or not but she should act more mature. (doesn't she know that this all b-ing recorded on tv nd she is creating a bad image of herself???). Oh well i think Ishq is a peacekeeper nd he should come bck to mainain peace in the jungle.

Wish u best of luck Ishq :)


14 years ago

awwwww he's so sweet !! .. Can't believe that one's that Deserve to stay get eliminated and the one's one who don't *Ahem* Palak, Fiza *Ahem* are still there ..

14 years ago

palak.........my god u r just tooooooooo irritating

14 years ago

I like his all d ans.except where he said Palak is a small kid...

14 years ago

but i saw d task in wich he got 10 stars..it was aired

14 years ago

He's cute I love his song aye hiphopper and this show is nice too I dont like fiza and palak! :(

14 years ago

i also dont like palak
what she thought about her self like she is miss world

14 years ago

oh, that is really sad. not happy he was eliminated. he seemed really sweet and kind, was always so peaceful and willing to do anything for the "team". i thought fiza or someone was going to get out, cuz they fought soo much! and over everything

14 years ago

i miss him man!!!tht wasnt fair at all tht he was eliminated...i m so sad!

14 years ago

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