"Negative roles give me an opportunity to play around the character." - Vishal Nayak

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Like every actor, Vishal Nayak who was last seen on Sony TV's 'Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane' has also had his share of struggles in this field.

Speaking about his career in the television industry, Vishal expressed, "I had to struggle initially to get work and this period in life teaches you that one should always stay grounded and be prepared to face the highs and lows of life. This phase has made be emotionally and mentally very strong, since it took me more than a year to bag a show."

Having proved his talent by playing different characters on-screen, Vishal elaborated on the kind of roles he is keen on taking up, post his stint on 'Dil Ki Baatein'...

The actor stated, "I love doing negative lead roles as it gives me an opportunity to play around the character. It keeps me energized and my hunger to get better as an actor keeps increasing by projecting such roles. After spending a good 7 years in the industry, I think I am yet in the initial phase of my journey as an actor as there is so much the industry has to offer. I want to feel more challenged by projecting different roles on-screen."

Vishal, we wish you luck in your career ahead!

Shachi Tapiawala Rathod

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Love you infinitely Shah

11 years ago

So proud of him! Love him .. He deserves it all and much more :D

11 years ago

I love SRK
He Rocks
This magazines mine
Cannot wait for jab tak hain jaan

11 years ago

I am really proud to be Shahrukh Khan's fan!!!!!

11 years ago

I am so proud to be Indian when i think that srk is indian...i am going to buy it for sure as i am french

11 years ago

Inneed he has got this place by the hard works. best of luck!

11 years ago

Khano me khan shahrukh khan...i m proud to be SRK's fan.SRK is the true rockstart keep rocking love u.

11 years ago

It said :

SRK is the greatest star of Bollywood.
He received us at his place before the festivals of marrakech.

11 years ago

love u so much shahrukh
charo taraf aap kay he chahrchay ho rahay hai aur ho bhi kyun na u r the king of the world love u

11 years ago

srk u r asli king...
congo srk & keep rocking

11 years ago

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