"My wife is my most prized possession" Samir Sharma

Samir Sharma aka Brij of Imagine’s Jyoti makes clear what sets him right!

Describe yourself in one word: Interesting

The one thing that you never leave home without: My wife Aachla's love (smiles).

Favorite Accessory: Watch, the one which was gifted by my wife during my wedding.

Favorite Holiday Destination:

Favorite Film: Too Many to name but the movie I can watch again and again is Star Wars.

Favorite Television Serial: Studio 60

Form of entertainment you like the most: Sleeping

Favorite Cartoon Character: Calvin

Do you have any phobia: I have a fear of rolling away my car (laugh) just kidding.. I don't have  any as such any Phobia.

A mistake you often repeat: Not sleeping on time.

The Car you have a crush on: Porsche 911

Your most prized Possession: My Wife

Your Strengths and Weaknesses: My Strength is my mind and weakness is also my mind.

 Your Future Plans: I want to buy a farm and keep all rescued animal over there.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (32)

It is a nice movie but it is fail to attract the audience and in this movie all star cast of the movie play a outstanding role.

6 years ago

cute love you sameer
u r a good actor

12 years ago

it looks like u love ur wife very much
and she's 1 lucky lady i must say

12 years ago

your acting is really good. Though Dev is a negative character, we appreciate your work

12 years ago

sinds when is your wife a possession? I know she is your help mate. but absolutely not a piece of furniture that you posses. bhah

13 years ago

ugh- a prized "possession'! she is no "object" to own.

13 years ago

good to see someone is head over heels in love with his wife and is admitting it openly...........very sweet

13 years ago

ahahah he sounds like such a joru ka gulaam ...its cute

13 years ago

aww that's really cute the way he loves his wife. I also wish to have a husband like him

13 years ago

awwww he loves his wife so much....i wish for a husband like him...lol

13 years ago

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