"My producer Daminiji and her husband Rajji are like my parents in Mumbai" - Neha Bagga

Actress Neha Bagga shares about her struggling days and how Damini Shetty who is the producer of the show helped her to settle down in the new city.

Charming actress Neha Bagga is seen as Rajji in Colors' popular show Bani - Ishq Da Kalma. Most of the actors have to struggle a lot to achieve fame in the industry. Similarly Neha Bagga who is born and brought up in Chandigarh had come down to city of dream in Mumbai along with her younger brother to pursue her dreams.

She was called by Damini Shetty who is the writer and producer of the show Bani - Ishq Da Kalma for her screen test. Though she didn't have any home to reside in Mumbai it was her producer Damini Shetty who helped her to settle down in the city of dreams Mumbai. However, Neha used to think that people in this entertainment industry are unkind and the Mumbai city is not safe but now she herself is a part of this industry.

Neha was overwhelmed with Damini Shetty's kindness towards her as she says,  "When I had come to Mumbai with my younger brother for my screen test, I was completely new in this city and was also scared because I have heard my cases regarding people being misled and their cruel behavior which has happened earlier as well. I didn't know anyone in Mumbai but Daminiji had arranged everything for us; she had an apartment which she made her office. There she had kept a servant to look after that office. She gave us that apartment where we can stay till we don't find another place to live. When I was finalized for the role, I decided to move to another apartment by myself. I shifted to my friend's apartment who was also from Chandigarh as a room mate.

Being new in the city, Neha says that she was bit hesitant to speak to people as it was difficult for her to adjust with the people, "As I am from Chandigarh I was scared that will I be able to adjust with new people of Mumbai or not. But after meeting Daminiji Mera Darr Khatam hogaya. In Chandigarh smoking in restricted in public area and in Mumbai it's very common to smoke but on our set of Bani we are not allowed to smoke or abuse or else we will be charged. Thus now I feel like I am at home."

Being a woman producer Damini Shetty very well understands the state of a newcomer like Neha who is not accustomed to the standard of living of Mumbai and also lend a helping hand to her while she was struggling in her initial days, "I am experiencing the similar atmosphere in Mumbai like Chandigarh. Daminiji is like a mother and Rajji is like a father to me who have helped me throughout. Whenever I was in need of money they were always there to help without questioning me. When I shifted to my friend's apartment we did not have a proper bed to sleep and on the next day Damini ji asked me is about my new apartment. When I told her that we were falling short of a bed in the apartment then she immediately asked her servant to arrange for the bed from her house for me," says Neha.

We wish Neha all the best for her career and her show Bani - Ishq Da Kalma!


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Sanam-rocks 6 years ago Aww neha so sweets n best acting so awesome neha u so rocks keep up more scene sohum n rajji romantic :) I love watching u every day r u so cute :) MA
Stark_Wolf 6 years ago wow thats so sweet of daminiji :-D
love u neha bagga ...would love to see u in a new show:-D:-D
nami9j 6 years ago thanks for this article of neha bagga...
it is so very nice and generous of damini ji and raj ji...
neha u r really a very good and charming person...and all ur hardwork and efforts have been paid off as u are potraying the role of rajji to perfection...and u have also been successful in making place in our hearts... u r an amazing actress dear.. love u neha.. keep up the good work neha bagga...
sp87 6 years ago Wow. Really nice to know that such people exist. God bless Damini Shetty for her kind deeds and give her all the success. And all the best to Neha Bagga also in life. You rock as Rajji!
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