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"My Parents are the closest to my heart" - Anuj Sachdev

Anuj Sachdev aka the handsome Amrit from Sabki Laadli Bebo talks about musical interests, his wishes and more…

Published: Saturday,Jul 25, 2009 13:06 PM GMT-06:00
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Describe yourself in one word: Simple

The one thing that you never leave home without: My Lucky Wrist Band

Favorite Holiday Destination: Egypt, maybe because I'm too much into history and historical artifacts

Favorite Film: Sadma, the expressions of Kamal Hassan in the film are flawless

Favorite Book: Who will cry when you die?, by Robin Sharma

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Television Serial: Friends

Favorite Actor: Kamal Hassan and Naseeruddin Shah

Favorite Actress: Madhuri Dixit, she's not just a great actress but an awesome dancer too!

Favorite Brand: Reebok

Favorite Musical Instrument:
Guitar and Bongo

One thing most close to your heart: My Parents

Best thing that's ever happened to you:
Many to list down!

Your Future Plans: My short term future plan is to increase TRP's of Sabki Laadli Bebo. My long term future plan is Bollywood.

If you are granted three wishes, you would ask for:
  World tour with my parents, to go back in time during the pre-independence era as a landlord who is well-respected and has a sensible wife.

Your message to fans: Never give up on life. Keep working hard. And yes! There's always something to be taught by everyone who comes across in your life. So don't forget to learn from the other person!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Mazzy101 13 years ago thnx. thts sweet! he luks really cute in tht pic! gd luck to him! and sweety_ursh, if you dnt like him thn why did you comment? if u dnt like him, whts the point telling othr ppl who like him!! dnt comment if u dnt like him!
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Jia1 13 years ago Good answers...hope he make it to Bollywood and manages to increase Bebo's TRP's!
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gujugurl 13 years ago lol.thats funny but atleast he is being honest
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helmet 13 years ago wish him all the best in future

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rizz_aman 13 years ago "to go back in time during the pre-independence era as a landlord who is well-respected and has a sensible wife"

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Yazzi 13 years ago "to go back in time during the pre-independence era as a landlord who is well-respected and has a sensible wife"

a BIG ROFL !!!!

Some Good answers there, I really like him in Bebo ... he's proved out to be a Good Actor!!! ... Wish him all the best for the Future and Hope he acheives what he wants to !
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karan.jh 13 years ago thanks for the article .....

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Anfal 13 years ago I like him and wish him all the best for ur future
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sweet_angel27 14 years ago lol,this article cracked was kinda funny,she inherited her eyes from her moms bf,lol if this is true,I can't believe she has the guts to say this,uses sex toys-probably because she can't get any guy,and who is she,is she an actress?If she thinks talking this way is gonna get her on top,she's wrong.
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Soniay 14 years ago I think she is over-compensating to get attention. She's probably a virgin.
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