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"My Monday could also be my Sunday many a times" - Ankit Narang

Talented actor Ankit Narang talks about a perfect Sunday and what are his ideal Sunday plans in conversation with TellyBuzz…

Sunday is the most awaited day and everyone waits for it eagerly because it's the day when we get time to rest and spend time with our loved ones after a hectic working schedule over the weekdays. TellyBuzz got in touch with the talented actor Ankit Narang who is now seen in Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV, to know more about his Sunday plans and how he spends this day. Let's hear it from Actor himself about his Sunday plans...

Sunday for me is:

I have no Sunday. I am normally shooting on Sundays too. My Monday could also be my Sunday many a times.

On a Sunday I:

As I said earlier I am most of the times shooting on a Sunday as well but if sometimes Sunday is an off for me then I like to spend it by lazing around, sleeping or watching television and movies on my laptop.

On a Sunday I get up at:

I always try and want to get up at 8 but I sleep late so I get up at around 10 in the morning.

A perfect Sunday for me is:

It would be going to my native place (Surat) and eating my mother's cooked Paneer Paratha with Dahi (Curd) and Rajma forbreakfast with my entire family. I like to be at home the whole day and spend time with my family.

 My Sunday special Khana is:

Anything in Paneer.

 My childhood memory related to Sunday:

I recollect getting up early by 8 and watching a series called three stoogies followed by breakfast of Parathas (Muli, Gobi, Aalo) with my parents and brother. I used to play cricket the entire day and at night used to eat chicken curry and ice cream.

 After Sunday, comes Monday and my feelings are:

Generally, I am shooting all days in a week so all days are same for me. But everyday my call time for shoot lets me know if the next day is a Sunday or a Monday for me.

 My plans for this Sunday: 

This Sunday I will be shooting as I have some work




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Tanyaz 6 years ago You are a wonderful actor Ankit .All the best to you and hope you have a great career .
DanceUntilWeDie 6 years ago Finally your own interview. ...wish you get a show of your own. ..
SilverBell 6 years ago Ankit Good Job On Pavrita Ristha Waiting For Your Show.
Ashvik143 6 years ago Hi Ankit Narang i wish u gudluck for ur career waitng for u to come in new show
stefanandre 6 years ago Ankit you are a brilliant actor, sad you were not promoted by the PH; wish you the very best and waiting for you to come in a new show.
Luvsushanki 6 years ago U r really talanted. hope u always get success
niya_ss 6 years ago Ankit ur really talented actor...awesome as Soham...LOVE U ANKIT
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