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"My inspiration are my parents" : Palak Jain

TellyBuzz brings to you the Sunday Celebrity Slam Book Section with Palak Jain...

Palak Jain, who is seen playing Panchi in Channel V's The Buddy Project Season 2 - Now in College, spared time to answer our slam book questions.

Birthday: 1st April.

Nickname: Pal (friends call me by this name).  

Sun Sign: Aries.

Hometown: Indore.

Describe yourself: Bubbly, full of masti and foodie.

Strength: Parents and friends.

Weakness: Naaa ... Nothing.  

What can easily impress you: Shah Rukh Khan attributes only!

You're crazy about: Shah Rukh Khan and food.  

Hobbies: Dancing, acting and studying.

A cloud 9 moments for you: When I did a film with Shah Rukh Khan.

Do you believe in destiny: Yes

Song you're humming these days: Ishq shava (again Shah Rukh Khan).

Any TV show you follow: I love Doremon; I watch that only.  

An unforgettable day of your life: When Shah Rukh Khan complimented me.  

Describe your daily routine in short: College - shoot -college -shoot.  

Favorite hangout places in Mumbai: Not specific... wherever my friends are, that becomes the best place to hangout for me.

Craziest fan encounter so far: While I was doing Veer Shivaji... a fan had made collages ... and so did a fan from Pakistan while I am doing TBP (The Buddy Project).

The best compliment ever received: When Shah Rukh Khan said I am a good dancer. 

Your inspiration: My parents.  

You are incomplete without: My parents and friends.

Message to your fans: Thank you so much for your support. We are because of you. Keep loving us. I really respect you all. Keep watching our show and thanks for all the love. Love you guys and do take care.

Anwesha Kamal


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niya_ss 6 years ago LOVE SO MUCH <3
Keep smiling...:)
All the best for ur future
--Akshu-- 6 years ago Finally i was waiting from ages for a Palak Jain's interview!

Palak ur actually an Angel ur a rockstar!

Love you n u are the best as Panchi!
lostmymusic 6 years ago fan from Pakistan?!?! MEEE!!! she has seen my work!! OMG!!! Palak knows mee!!!!

My Angel, my PaL know me!!!

*dies blissfully*
Sleepwalker3003 6 years ago awww palak s damn cuteee!!!
m aries too :) :) :) :)
and m a foodie LOL
luv u palak u rock!!!!!:)
Dae_drmer 6 years ago i love u palak since shivajee days...
niya_ss 6 years ago Palak u awesome as Panchi :)

keep smiling ...:)
arsha_rahi 6 years ago I too love srk...!!

love u panchi...
Acumen 6 years ago Shah Rukh Khan rocks!

Palak is doing a great job as Panchi.
LuvPanchi 6 years ago Keep Rocking Palak!!!! Love you as Panchi xx
samratrocks 6 years ago Ur dng superb as Palak! Luv u!!
Im SRK fan too!
Thks tb!
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