"My character in 'Tamanna' has a cricketing past"- Sailesh Gulabani

The actor spills some beans over his character..

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The critically acclaimed show, 'Tamanna' is entering its last phase now where the protagonist Dhara (Anuja Sathe) will start her life afresh with her daughter (Tashvi).

However, in this period of time, there will be a special couple who will be assisting her and be her support system in the period.

Actors Saillesh Gulabani, last seen in 'Siya Ke Ram' and Ruchi Savarn, last seen in 'Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh' will be playing the role of Sameer and Mridula respectively as the married couple.

We contacted Sailesh, who spilled beans over his character and said, "I have recently started shooting for the role. I play the character of Sameer who stays with his wife, Mridula."

Mentioning about the role in detail, he said, "The character of Sameer has a cricketing past to him. He used to be an amazing cricketer in his teen days and his father was the owner of cricket bat-making factory. He has played to the level of Ranji Trophy too. However, an unanticipated calamity occurs, where the factory is burnt to shreds, and the bat his father made for him, which is half-burnt becomes his prized possession."

He added, "So, apart from my wife and I being the support system to Dhara, it will also be shown how Dhara would apparently convince Sameer to get back to cricket getting over the tragedy that happened with him."

It becomes more and more interesting, doesn't it? The fans certainly can't wait for this twist..!

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Siya Ke Ram is the best show now running
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