"Like his reel character, Bhanu is committed to his responsibilities", says Shalini Khanna

The actress says her husband Bhanu Uday relates to the character from Saam Daam Dand Bhed.


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Actress Shalini Khanna says her husband Bhanu Uday relates to the character from Saam Daam Dand Bhed and is extremely committed towards his responsibilities.

"Bhanu does relate to his reel character of the show. He can do anything for his family and whom he is really close to. When he sets his eye on something he wants to achieve or do, he will. He is an extremely committed guy towards his responsibilities," Shalini said in a statement.

Shalini says she enjoys watching the show he features in.

"I find it very interesting and different from other shows. It has a political set-up... The entire cast is the strongest point in the show, apart from the writing and the direction," she said.

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ALUJNA21 2 years ago The actor of the show is her hubby so she's definitely gong to flatter it, but the show unfortunately is deviating from the political plot and turning into an obsession plot...due to new track.
Now it is Bulbul-Mandira fight.
charles1641 6 years ago one of the best actor in women is Krian ji.
samicute 6 years ago krian ji is amazing n story woman + actress
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