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"I've been a horse who has been galloping instead of sprinting"~Vishal

Gupshup with the popular actor Vishal Malhotra who has been appreciated for his roles from Ishq Vishq to Jannat to the recent Kismat Konnection!

Published: Tuesday,Aug 12, 2008 10:30 AM GMT-06:00
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“I have rather been a horse who has been galloping instead of sprinting" ~ Vishal Malhotra

We sit down with the very charming, dashing and talented Vishal Malhotra who started his film career with Shahid in Ishq Vishq and was recently seen in hits like Jannat and Kismat Konnection. A look into the past and a peek into the future with Vishal brings forth a kind and down to earth human being who is very humble about his achievements so far in the film industry!

Ive been a horse who has been galloping instead of sprinting~Vishal
How has your journey been in Bollywood?

Very Productive! It has been a slow and steady ride but in the last year things have picked up really really well. I started off in Bollywood with a film called Ishq Vishk and that gave me a great opening into the film industry. But after that I did films like Kaal and Salaam-E- Ishq, and though they were big banner films with names like Karan Johar and Nikhil Advani associated to them but they didn't do well. I guess it has been a learning experience! Recently all of a sudden this year the IPL happened, which did really well and then I did Jaanat. Jannat did well and now my latest film Kismat Konnection has also clicked with the audience. Finally I think all my patience has paid off and I have been trying to choose the right films with the right banners and the right scripts in which I believe in! I would say I have rather been a horse who has been galloping instead of sprinting.

After the success of Jannat, you were seen in Kismat Konnection, how did you get the role?

    Shahid and I wanted to work together from a very long time after Ishq Vishk, but we had made a conscious decision that we will not work together until and unless we get a better script. Though we got a lot of offers after Ishq Vishk we did not take them up as we did not want to be typecasted in the same roles! When Kismat Konnection came along it was offered by Mr. Aziz Mirza and when I was given the narration, I was told Shahid was playing Raj’s role and when Shahid was given the narration he was told that Vishal was playing Hiten’s role . So we both sat down and discussed on how we can really make this work and mutually decided to go for it! By far Kismat Konnection was a very easy decision for me and it has been a turning point in my life as it is a great role which has gotten me a lot of appreciation.

Ive been a horse who has been galloping instead of sprinting~Vishal
Any memorable during the shoot of the film?

    Right from day one, the entire making of Kismat Konnection from the day I signed the film to right this point has been very special for me in every way (I am not trying to to sound extremely filmy or dramatic). I have worked in more than 7-8 films till now and the absolute warmth and feeling of belonging I have got in Kismat Konnection I have not gotten anywhere else! I guess it was because of the old ties and all of old friends meeting! Shahid and I were working together once again after Ishq Vishk and since Shahid's journey from Kismat Konntection to Ishq Vishk has been different I got to see a new side of him. And then there was Tiff who I share a great relationship with Ishq Vishk and Naqab were both produced by him. The suprise item on the set was our director Mr. Aziz Mirza who is like a father figure to me and everyone else ( Poor thing he was father to many ;) hehe) so you can see each moment of the film has been special and memorable for me.

    How about any funny incidents?

    Talking about a funny incident, I had not met Vidya for a very long time and I had forgotten that I have met her during her tv and adverting days as that was even before Ishq Vishk. So when landed in Toronto on my first day I was waiting in the lobby of the hotel to check in and suddenly I heard a voice “Viiiishal”. I turned around and it was Vidya and I thought to myself that she must be calling some one else who has the same name. I was looking at her but ignoring her and I really thought she has gone mad because I thought to myself that I don't know this woman and she came and gave me a huge. I started thinking maybe Vidya Balan has a soft corner to me (hehehehe) but later remembered that we both had met along time ago. Since then Vidya and I share a close bond and she reminded me that we had first met at Aditya Pur's office. She calls me VM and I call her VB :). And you can imagine during the whole shoot of the film it was hard for us to keep a straight face as we kept remembering this incident.

Ive been a horse who has been galloping instead of sprinting~Vishal
We are going to see you soon in Banda Yeh Bindas Hai. Can you tell us about the movie and your role in it?

    The film is an official remake of the Oscar winning comedy “My Cousin Vinny”. You'll get to see me and Govinda in a hilarious comedy film together. The story is about a simple small town boy who wins a contest on tv and gets a free vacation to Ooty for 2 nights and 3 days. He is very excited but later you find out that he has actually gotten trapped in a murder case of a girl. The poor guy doesn't know anyone and has no money. Ultimately he hires Govinda who happens to be his cousin and a garage mechanic to be his lawyer. It is a really cute script and I am very much excited about this film!

    So what does the crystal ball say for Vishal? What kind of roles do we get to see you enact in the future?

    Well I am doing an interesting role under Suraj Barjatya's banner in a film title "Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi". I play the role of a guy who is conflicted between the interests of his sister (played by Esha Koppikar) and the demands of his wife. This is a role which is very different from what I have done in the past. I was very humbled when Suraj ji called me and told me that Vishal I have written this role for you and I really felt nice that here is a man who has made it so big and he is telling me that he believes in me!

    Message for your fans?

    Keep watching my films as I will always try my best to make sure you feel that your Rs.100/200 were spent well and worth it!

Reporter: Sony Kanodia
Courtesy: Bolly Curry
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