"It was like a house production for me" - Rajveer

After starting his career on television, newcomer Rajveer's debut film "Kaisay Kahen" has hit the screens and met with a lukewarm response.

After starting his career on television, newcomer Rajveer's debut film "Kaisay Kahen" has hit the screens and met with a lukewarm response. He talks to us about how he made it into the film industry and recounts memorable incidents during the making of the movie.

Q: Your movie got released last week, how does it feel to be a part of Bollywood?
A: It feels great, it's a dream come true. It's an experience that cannot be expressed, but can only be felt. The hard work that we have put in shows in the final product. I am thankful to god and Smitaji for this.

Q: How did you get this role?
A: I used to work in a production house and met Smitaji through a friend of mine. She initially told me that if I was thinking that she would make a movie with me, I was wrong. Two years later, she approached me with a different plan and my joy knew no bounds.

Q: Did you always want to become an actor?
A: Yes, I always wanted to become an actor. And it is now a reality. I still remember I was in the fifth standard when I got the chance to perform on stage, that too, the role of a girl. It was the first time I had acted.

Q: Have you attended acting workshops?
A: No, I have never gone to any acting class. My father always told me to learn acting by watching performances of veterans. I used to watch Amitabhji and Shah Rukhji on screen and learnt from their performances.

Q: Who are your Bollywood idols?
A: Shah Rukhji, Akshay Kumar and Govinda, they are all mind-blowing.

Q: How was the experience of working with Neha Julka?
A: It was a pleasure working with her; she is a nice and confident actress. The chemistry between us was good.

Q: In an interview, Neha said that director Mohit Hussain was arrogant in the beginning. Your comments?
A: Initially, he did come across as very rigid to me. He was in no mood to compromise on his ideas but I think as a director he must have had a vision which he did not want anyone to tamper with. Now we share a very good rapport with him.

Q: You said you have worked with a production house as an assistant director so did you also assist Mohit in the making of this movie?
A: No, from the direction point of view, I was nowhere in the picture. But I was involved in the dubbing and publicity even though it was not my job. I did so because it was like a house production for me.

Q: You are known to be a shy person, so did you face any problems while shooting?
A: Yes, I am a shy person. There was an incident on the sets that I find very amusing now. We were shooting for the promos and I had to hug Neha as part of the scene. But I was very shy hugging her in front of her mother who was present there. So I asked the crew to take her mom away for five minutes so that I can give the shot with ease.

Q: What does Smita Thackeray mean to you?
A: I call her my god mother. Today, whatever I am it's all because of her. She is instrumental in making my dreams come true. Tomorrow whatever I become, the foundation will be Smitaji.

Q: Are you satisfied with the kind of response your movie has got?
A: I am satisfied with my work and the labour that we all have put in. Today, people go with their families and watch movies at multiplexes that charge them a minimum of Rs 1,000. "Kaisay Kahen's" release date clashed with "Heyy Babyy" which is a multi-starrer, so our film's opening was a bit dull. But I am still happy with the response.

Q: Don't you think it wasn't justified to launch "Kaisay Kahen" along with "Heyy Babyy"?
A: No, the time is generally bad to start a good project. We had no other option as every week till December some or the other big banner movie is getting released.

Q: What's next?
A: Smitaji is planning another film and I have even got offers from other producers but I can't say anything till they materialize.

Q: Are you willing to take up a role in television, if given an offer?
A: I started off with television and I see no harm in doing television if things don't work out in films.

-Jayant Mishra (SAMPURN)

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