"It was a Black Friday yesterday!" Rohit Roy

The actor talks about his personal connect with legendary actress Suchitra Sen and Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor, both of whom died yesterday.

Yesterday was a bad day for actor Rohit Roy after hearing the news of the two deaths of two important people. During the day it was the death of veteran actress Suchitra Sen and then late in the night we heard of the controversial death of Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor.

Ever since he heard the news Rohit Roy says he has been in a state of shock. The actor who updated his profile pic and added a pic of himself with Sunanda together sounded numb even today when we spoke to him. "I have never met Suchitra Sen neither have I seen her in real life but I have always admired her for her work I have seen and from what I have heard about her. It was always my desire to meet her but it never happened. I would request Moon Moon Sen about meeting her and she would always tell me that it is impossible since she never meets anyone these days and that only Raima Sen can convince her for a meeting," says Rohit who has made a mark in the Bengali film industry too after having done 3 Bengali films and his fourth one releasing soon. "For me, she was the Greta Garbo of Indian cinema. She was a legend!"

However, he had met Sunanda Tharoor and knew her personally, "I was hosting a show and Sunanda was a judge for the same. She had no clue who I was but we got to know each other when we sat together to watch a performance. We got along well and socially knew each other." Rohit remembers her to be a vibrant personality, "Sunanda came across as a young at heart, vibrant lady and I cannot believe it that she is no more. I find it entirely ridiculous and I was shocked when I got the news last night. I was completely struck when I got to know about it."

Rohit says he was aware of her illness and the recent controversy she was embroiled in, "I knew that she was suffering from a serious illness but it was not a life threatening one. I was also aware of the recent twitter war but decided to stay away from giving her advice. She was one person who was full of life and a radiant woman who had always spoken well about Shashi Tharoor. She seemed so nice and happy that is why her death has been a complete shocker! I hope the truth comes out very soon."

Rohit says even as he is grieved by this double tragedy he cannot find closure, "It was a Black Friday yesterday. Both these cases are such that I cannot even vent out my grief and emotions. There is no closure and that deepens the pain!" concludes the actor.

Seema Khot Mattoo


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BBani 6 years ago R.I.P Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor
R.I.P Suchitra Sen.
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saraaa. 9 years ago Wow .. this film is releasing already! So fast :O
Hmm ... an average rating for the music!

digitalone 33
digitalone 33 9 years ago yaa its 3.5 max not more then that
but Yeh Saali Zindagi song was much better then this one
-Perilous- 9 years ago Darling my favourite :D...................................................................
pooja_l 9 years ago my fav darling, bekaraan is under rated the song is awesome and so is Tere liye, the lyrics are just so beautiful in the romantic songs
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