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"Involve yourself in any physical activity to stay fit": Arhaan Behll

Fitness freak Arhaan Behll makes sure that he eats well and involves himself in lot of physical activities to remain fit.

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ArhaanBehll, who is currently seen essaying the character of Raghu in Zee TV's popular show Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, is a fitness freak and being irregular at the gym, he keeps a check on his diet.

Let's see whatArhaanhas to share with us...

What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness is a very important part of life. Fitness means a lot because you can enjoy all the good things of your life only if your are fit but if you are not fit then nothing is good and pleasant so fitness is the most important thing of life. In my family, everybody is a doctor except me so I really look up to fitness. Keeping oneself fit and fine is really important. When a person is having a hectic schedule then it's very necessary for that person to put an effort to keep himself fit. One should not ignore it.

What efforts do you take to stay in shape?

Since we don't get much time, so it becomes really difficult for us to go to the gym regularly. I am quite irregular with the gym because of my shooting schedules. I cover it up by getting up early in the morning and go to running. I prefer running. Whenever my call time is little late, I get up early and go for a jog. Whenever I get sometime in between my shots then I try doing some exercises in my room itself. Diet is a very important part of being fit. If you will eat good, then you will feel good and stay fit. Half of your job will be done if you will eat good. Exercise is a must for fitness. Since I don't get much time, so I am not able to put in much effort for my fitness right now.

Are you conscious about your food choices?

Yes, I am very much conscious about my food choices. I don't stop myself from eating anything. If I like something then I eat and then cover it up with my exercises.

Three things you do every day to remain fit.

I don't do anything consciously which I have to follow it. I just keep in mind doing those things which should be done in a day to remain fit like drinking lots of water. I make sure that I should drink a lot of water in a day. I always take care that I shouldn't over eat because over eating is very bad. Exercising is very important but being busy, I am not regular with it.

Do you take protein supplements?

No, I don't take protein supplements. Only if my dietician advices me to take it when I am at the gym exercising rigorously then only I take them otherwise I keep a good amount of protein in my diet only.

Is there any sport you are skilled at?

I have always played football.

A celeb body you admire.

I am not too much into body building and having muscles. I prefer someone who is fit like Akshay Kumar. He has been working in the industry for so long but still he is so lean and fit. Along with going to the gym and taking a proper diet, he is involved into other things too like martial arts and kick boxing. Either you play a sport or do exercises for being fit, everything is good. You have to be fit and you can do any kind of physical activity to remain fit.

What is your fitness secret?

There's no fitness secret of mine as such because I am not that fit (laughs). I should be fitter. It's an open book now and everybody knows how to stay fit. So, whoever wants to be fit, can be fit by following certain things. I will also follow the things which need to be done to stay fit.

A fitness tip for your fans.

Always involve yourself in any kind of physical activity. Don't ever keep yourself ideal at home. You should be involved in any kind of physical activities like swimming, running, exercisng at the gym, cycling, etc. so that your body will always be in motion and warmed up. Always follow a good diet.

Anwesha Kamal

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sanitha7 7 years ago Just love ur smile Raghu & Shivani are best jodi
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Raghu-shivani 7 years ago I don't believe in fittness. I just believe in super acting. And you are the best Arhaan Behll. Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se rockz.
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simmi.friends03 7 years ago Thnx TB for the Article on AB...:))
love him as his pairing with Mansi...
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manissha 7 years ago all the best arhaan behll. You are so cute as Raghu. Do dil bandhe ek dori se rocks.
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dhakarn 7 years ago Superb interview ... nice answers Arhaan ...

Do dil bandhe ek dori se rocks... Arhaan Behl and Mansi Srivastav r the best
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creative.bawa 7 years ago thnx TB for the interview of Arhaan...he is the best actor...agree he is busy & won't get enough time to follow exercise routine...PH should provide that gym facility on shooting set...
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awida 7 years ago You are super actor Arhaan Behll. You made Taghu's character look real and sensible. Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se is the best.
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JhaCreation 7 years ago all are nice answer hope we get more such interviews
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pancakes527 7 years ago Nice answers but sorry to say that Arhaan is not fit at all. He is fat and has a heavy body. I am not trying to be mean but as an actor he should really work on his weight.he doesn't look good with all that weight at all.all the actors in other serials have maintained there body well... Some are super fit but these that are not... Have there body in a very nice shape... So please Arhaan lose weight..!when Arhaan was in pratigya... He was really fit in the beginning episodes you guys can check
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fanvever 7 years ago Awesome interview and always I wish to see him in muscular body
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