"Intelligence is more important than beauty" - Nandish Sandhu

Handsome Nandish Sandhu who is all set to judge a May Queen 2014 beauty pageant talks about what is beauty according to him, his regime to look good and more…

Nandish SandhuTV's dashing actor Nandish Sandhu will be seen judging a May Queen Pageant and he is glad to be a part of this beauty pageant. As the actor looks good on-screen who was last seen in Zee TV's show Phir Shubha Hogi, he speaks about beauty, maintaining of looks and much more in a conversation with TellyBuzz.

What is the idea of beauty according to you?
Beauty is within the person more that the outer. If a person is honest, genuine and good by heart then that person is beautiful. Beauty depends on how a person thinks and his nature, like if you are good by heart than no matter how is your physical appearance, you will definitely appear to be beautiful. So according me beauty comes from within the person.

What made you to come on the panel of judges?
Actually speaking I have never judged any beauty pageant. I myself was a model and wanted to participate in the modeling events like Gladrags Manhunt Contests and more. And now when I have got a chance, I feel it's like an honor to be a judge of the beauty pageant. I wanted to participate in such events but now I am sitting on the other side of the fence and I am seeing the contestants. Whenever I thought of participating I only had the fear of question answer round that what the judges will ask but now I will ask question and will judge them on how smartly they answer. Apart from judging I guess I will learn a lot from the contestants.

As a judge what qualities are you looking in the contestant?
First thing I will see that how spontaneous they are and their intelligence. I want to see their smartness in portraying them selves and most importantly their confidence level. Even though if they don't have a good answer for the question asked to them, then at least they should be smart to cover up their weakness with confidence. They must be able to utilize their strength efficiently and manage to impress the judges.

First thing you notice in a girl?
First thing I notice in a girl is the way she talks..

Which yesteryear actress you found beautiful?
I find Zeenat Aman very beautiful.

How do you maintain your looks?
Looks I guess is a God's gift (laughs) and for its maintenance mental health is very important, I try to keep myself calm and cool and also I work hard to maintain my looks. I try to do work out; I do physical as well as mental exercise. Talking about health, I take good care of my diet. I have learned lot of things from people as they do exercises, yoga, follow diet charts, read lot of stuffs about health and I try to imitate them. I take care of my hair by always wearing a cap whenever I go out so that they don't get messy; I drink lots of water as they make your skin healthy.

As a beauty pageant judge what is more important - Beauty or Intelligence?
For me Intelligence is more important than beauty because if you are intelligent then no matter how you look, you can win a pageant with your intelligent answers and how you present yourself. But if you are only beautiful and are dumb to answer then you can never win a beauty pageant.

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Nandish bhai...waiting 4 ur comeback.Never choose a flop script like Phir subh hogi and never pair again with Varun.

10 years ago

luv u nandish sandhu eagerly waiting for ur come back

10 years ago

Well said aditya thakur great, keep it up
Judge nicely n honestly

10 years ago

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