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"I'm a very, very simple person" - Yami Gautam

Yami Gautam aka Lehar of Colors’ Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam on a tete – e – tete with tellybuzz…

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Yami Gautam, the person who's been tagged 'subtle beauty' by our own forum members looks truly mystical and enchanting as she sits down in her white Salwar-Kameez to sit and talk with us.

She talks majorly about her work, less about her personal life and makes it quite clear that she has no 'special one' in her life.

Over to Yami…

As Lehar you have gained so much popularity…what's your say on this?

Well at first you work for yourself, later you start looking for audience and the more they encourage the more you give. And like everyone I like to get admired. I'm happy for all the fans' love and support.

What was your reaction when you first heard the script?
When I read the script and I learnt more about the character, I could, easily picture my real self also in a few situations. This is the best part about the character- the simple, the natural and the realistic approach.  Not just in terms of nature but also in terms of costumes, make-up and hair. The approach to this character has been very natural, very realistic. She is someone who you can relate to.

How similar and dissimilar are you to Lehar?

I could relate to Lehar when it comes to equations with family members especially the way she relates to her father…I'm very close to my father. The part that I can't relate to is something I would definitely like to tell you- I have no Abeer in my life (laughs).

How is your relation with your co-stars?
It's been pretty good. I have always been lucky to have good people around me.  Be it my previous show or the present one, I've always had good relations with people around, and I think it's very necessary to have such a working atmosphere.

Do you your present simple girl role or your previous warrior princess role?
I'm very fond of Lehar. But as a performer I quite like portraying a warrior princess. But I can't compare both of them.

What is your opinion on Colors as a channel?
They are amazing. To reach where they have reached in such a short time, it's not something easy. They way they treat each of their shows is wonderful; they have got a positive approach to each of their shows. If you see the following, the concept of each show is different from the other. Plus the shows are successful. I think that says it all!

Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam has been touted as one of the best shows the current season…
It's always good when you feel that your work not only individually but overall is being appreciated.  I'm happy that its one of the most popular shows. When I got to know that so and so people are part of the cast I was very happy because they are very senior actors. And the best part about them is that they don't have attitude. They are very chilled out. They are very professional, no tantrums nothing of that sort.  It's not only aptitude but attitude too that counts.

What can viewers expect from the show now?
The upcoming tracks will have a lot of high drama so people are definitely going to enjoy it. They can look forward to some good news.

Will there be any more hurdles for Lehar- Abeer's love story?
Right from the time we were seeing each other there were hurdles. Now that things have reached till engagement of course there will be more hurdles. But what sort of hurdles, for that, you are going to have to watch the show.

You and Gaurav have great on-screen chemistry.
I don't know what is the definition of onscreen chemistry but I'm thankful to people that they have liked it. I think Gaurav and I both are professional enough to perform our onscreen roles, our onscreen performance, right. And that's what you get to see onscreen!

What makes you both click?
Off screen rapport is very good, very healthy. It's a very nice working atmosphere that we have here on sets. It's very important to have this comfort level to get the right emotions come across. So I think that's the X factor that makes us look good onscreen.

Tell us about your time on sets.
We all laugh a lot on set. We sit together with a cup of tea in our hand and a little bit of chitchat, pull each other's leg in a healthy spirit…it's all very usual.

Which is your memorable sequence till now?
I won't say memorable, very enjoyable part was the Antakshari session. Because the whole team was there under one roof. It was very interesting and we all had fun.

Tell us something about yourself.
I'm very passionate about my work. But apart from that I'm a very, very simple person.  I'm also quite passionate about learning dance.

What do you have to say about the great fan following you have on India – forums?
You know there are days when nothings much exciting…it's just another usual day. And then when you surf the net and read those encouraging comments or any little appreciative comment… any little thing, it's so encouraging, it makes your day. It brings a smile on your face. So thank you for your reviews its very encouraging and optimistic and full of positivity. So thank you all for that.

Reporter: Ashima Mishra
Author: Susan Jose

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MariQuestFilms 10 years ago Yami we LUB u!
Can't wait for the Omi slap either
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MariQuestFilms 10 years ago Can't wait for 100 epi bash!! Hope TB gets a GK-Yami int for us then. :D
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MariQuestFilms 10 years ago Again I beg TB to do a joint GK and Yami int.. please go onset again.. xx lol
Thanks again
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Rafa.LunaPotter 10 years ago Very nice answers!
Total professional, and very ya Yamzi!
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ggcric 10 years ago Request- Plz plz TB give us a joint interview of Yami n Gaurav.

Thanx in advance.
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MariQuestFilms 10 years ago Request: GK-Yami joint interview please TB
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Marina.India1 10 years ago Thanks for a good interview. Yami comes across a refreshing and nice.

Please give us one with Gaurav Khanna.
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Eksie 10 years ago Yami .. Wishing you & your mom, a very Happy Mother's Day! Loved your bytes with your mom .. made me very emotional.

Looking forward to the upcoming eps of YPNHK .. Leher standing by Abeer .. and ofcourse, the good news! :)

Keep smiling :)
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sam. 10 years ago Love u Yami.But please TB do an interview of GK-Yami !
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MariQuestFilms 10 years ago Lub u Yami! always keep smiling!

TB cannot wait for GK-Yami interview!
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