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"I'd like to take part in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa": Suhasi Dhami

Suhasi Dhami aka the sweet Abha of Zee TV's Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli spontaneously answers TellyBuzz's Quick Grills...

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What do you prefer; sending a text message or making a phone call? Sending a text message

Were you a front rower or back rower?
Back rower

Giving gifts or receiving gifts? Receiving gifts always

Do you hit the snooze button or are you up on the alarm? Up on the alarm

I given a choice, would you participate in Indian Idol or Jhalak Dikhla Jaa?
Jhalak Dikhlaa Ja because Madhuri Dixit is the judge.

Would you like to relive a moment from the past or get a glimpse of your future?
Relive the moment from the past and let the future be a suspense.

Get a tattoo or keep it clean?
Keep it clean.

Host a party or be a guest? Host the party and receive gifts

Are you a 10 minutes early person or a ten minutes late person?
10 minutes late person (laughs)

What is your greatest accomplishment so far?
When I did my Bharatnatyam Arangetram

Best advice you ever received?
Actually my uncle always keeps me telling that I should concentrate on one thing rather than juggling between multiple things because as a kid I was into dancing and singing and lots of other stuffs.

The strangest thing that you have ever done to prepare for the show?
I do not know about preparing, but weird things happen whenever I have to perform on stage. The moment before I enter the stage I yawn and when I yawn my eyes are filled with water. I think it's a sign of anxiety.

If you could be invisible for a day you would:
Can I get into the shoes of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and live her life. I would like to reject certain offers from the producers telling them I want the best (laughs).

We should not interrupt you when you are:

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan

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VishaD. 8 years ago Glad you are now doing NB with hubby dearest :)
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gudiyaprasad 9 years ago I love you suhasi and you act very well as abha and (abeli) keep teh good work up :) and without you in ymggk it would be boring
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sansheen99 9 years ago you are so pretty love your sari in the show and that smile
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bbbccc 9 years ago Would love to see her in JDJ.
But chosing betwee JDJ and ID, aren't the show of different leagues?? One dance Vs Other singing:(
I feel the question is stupid..2011-09-29 10:43:18
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abhasharma 9 years ago Love you suhasi and i love ymggk2011-09-28 15:02:01
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naresha 9 years ago Absolutely awesome! Suhasi u r definitely not a fake & u r a fantastic role model...just the way u wanna walk in Aishwarya Rai shoes there r thousands of women out here who would love to walk in ur shoe!! *winks* u r so adorable also karan n we love u tons!! *kisses*
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-Nirvana- 9 years ago Suhasi is such an all rounded ,talented beautiful person.Her answers are all nice.She an awesome singer and dancer,I've seen her done both and she's fantastic!, she could persue this...and well of course she a hell of a good actress-The best I would say.Haha I love receiving gifts too...Love you Suhasi keep up the great work in ymggk and hope you and Karan's chemistry continues to rise and facinate us! Love you both and keep rocking!
Thanks for the article...2011-09-18 09:18:58
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shaina1 9 years ago suhasi dhami is really pretty and a great actress. i luv her voice.
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YMGGK_favourite 9 years ago aww what a superb actress
and she is so cute and talented

thanks for posting this article
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ktlovers 9 years ago haha lol she is so cute and chhulbuli loves her
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