"I would like to play Draupadi's role on TV" - Narayani Shastri

The talented actress speaks about the kind of roles she would want to do, her plans of building a farm house and more…

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She was last seen in Phir Subah Hogi on Zee TV after which the dusky beauty has been taking it easy. Narayani Shastri however has to qualms in admitting that she has always been selective about work and since she also does not network she is not seen more often. "The trend on Indian Television has changed completely and suddenly you see so much of mythology happening. I would love to play the character of Draupadi if ever I get to do Mahabharat but since I am not always in the circuit, people don't think about it but just like any actor I too want to do good work," emphasizes Narayani.

Till then she is busy with her pet project which is gathering pets and building a spacious place for them to stay. An avid pet lover, Narayani says, "I plan to get together with couple of my friends and buy race horses who have become old and thus cannot run the races. They will get a home and we can use them to these new horses to train. I have a good connect with animals and they too take an instant liking to me. I have 2 cats and one dog and whenever I see a stray dog I feel like adopting it. I want to have a pig too as I find piglets to be very cute."

She has already started giving her dreams a shape, "I have bought a farm house in Wada which is near Mumbai. It is a beautiful place by the river front and is just 3 hours drive from the city. The plot is huge which I bought only for the reason that I wanted to keep all my animals with me when I finally come go to stay there. I am actually saving all my money to build a house there which should happen after couple of years."

This however is not Narayani's retirement plan since she intends to continue acting for long, "I will continue working but I will probably do selective work and stay 6 months in Mumbai and 6 months at my farmhouse. I feel that life should be simple and I believe in simplistic living so probably I will soon save enough money to build my dream house not so far away from Mumbai."

The actress who has been in a relationship more than once broke off with her beau last year and has always maintained that she is not eager to get married. Reiterating it once again she says, "Talking about marriage I don't feel the need of it since you can now have a live in relationship if you are really in love with that person. My family too is very cool about me being single till now," concludes the actress as she sits back and takes life as it comes.

Seema Khot Mattoo

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LimitLessFan 7 years ago i hope to see her soon on small screen, she is talented and she would make amazing drupathi than wat i see from promos of mahabarat which i dont follow
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bluntboldbindas 7 years ago I bet u would look ravishing as draupadi !!!!10000 times better than this new draupadi !!!!
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archup20 7 years ago That is my dream too, to be surrounded by animals.. Hope you will achieve it soon
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b4uvarun 7 years ago Wow narayani good feelings towards animal
keep it up
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