"I want to become a more responsible person like Mayank" : Ankit Gera

Ankit Gera aka Mayank of Zee TV’s popular show Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke talks about his character and future plans in conversation with TellyBuzz…

The talented and good looking actor Ankit Gera who is better known as Mayank in Zee TV's popular show Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke is enjoying playing the character of Mayank. The actor has managed to steal the hearts of the viewers by portraying the cute and responsible character of Mayank in the show.

TellyBuzz spoke to the actor to know more about his experience playing the character, his views about the character and future plans post the show.

Talking about his journey as Mayank, Ankit says, "The journey has been really good and it has been more than the expected. I have got to learn a lot while playing this character and I am very comfortable playing this character because I can very much relate to this character."

He further added, "Earlier Mayank was little rude and full of attitude. Later, he became a lover and a romantic guy. He has become a husband from a boyfriend now. He is a super romantic guy and has become more responsible with the passage of time. He is a responsible son and he can do anything for others and his family; he has started living for others. I am also learning to become a more responsible person like him."

We wanted to know from Ankit that is there anything he would like to change in Mayank? When asked Ankit about the same, he replied, "Mayank should be little rich. He doesn't have a car. If he will become rich he will get a car to drive, his own office and a cabin. Also he wants to travel abroad so that we will get to shoot at some amazing locations (laughs)."

Talking about his future plans, Ankit told us, "My dad has started a hotel in Delhi and he wants me to handle it. So, after this show, if not acting then I will be looking after the hotel business of my dad. I want to get back to our hotel business."

Way to go Ankit!

Anwesha Kamal


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milla 6 years ago Ankit Gera love you keep rocking as Mayank
PROTIM21 6 years ago You are awesome as Mayank.. Nice article TB..
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