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"I took a professional decision as things didn't work out" : Purbi Joshi

Purbi Joshi who has always been associated with non-fiction shows clears the air about why is she not doing Sunil Grover’s show Mad In India…

Purbi Joshi was last seen in Sony TV's Comedy Circus ke Ajoobe as a stand-up comedian, but nowadays it seems that things are not going right for the actress who is recently in news for quitting the upcoming show Mad In India on Star Plus. While the makers of the show had approached the actress but things didn't work between them and she declined to be a part of the show.

While many actors' names have been making the rounds for the upcoming comedy show Mad In India, one such actress is Purbi Joshi who clears the air about quitting the show and says that it was a mutual decision to opt out from the show, "I've not quit the show because I've not signed it only. I don't understand why media is trying to create unnecessary controversies. Things did not work out between me and the channel. It was a mutual decision. So the question of quitting doesn't arise at all."

As Purbi was making the audiences laugh with her comical acts in Sony TV's comedy show Comedy Circus ke Ajoobe, so when asked her if the reason of not accepting Sunil Grover's show is the contract with the show Comedy Circus or not, this is what she says, "No, it is nothing like that as I've never signed any contract with Comedy Circus. In fact the production house people are the only one who have been supporting me all this while and if you think that I'll priorities them, you are right. They are like a family to me and they have never stopped me from doing any other show."

Purbi appreciates the kind gesture of the Optimystix production house to take her back in Comedy Circus, "Optimystix has never questioned me about how you can consider acting in other show or anything like that. Comedy Circus has given me a lot and thus it will always be close to my heart. I was not there in the show for 5 months but now again, I'm back in it. They have always told me that I can come back in the series anytime I want and I think it's a great gesture from their side. So it is obvious that I will choose Comedy Circus over anything else. At the same time, I'll do other shows also if things work out."

Being in a professional world, Purbi states her reasons of why she did not sign Sunil Grover's show despite Sunil Grover being her a good friend, "I called up Sunil the other day when reports about me quitting the show had appeared in the newspaper. We had a great laugh over this. Sunil and I started our career together in 2007 with Filmy channel so it would be a great pleasure to work with him again. But the decision of not doing this show was that there were few things that didn't work and thus I took a decision very professionally."

Ending this conversation on a good note, Purbi laughingly says that today media is giving importance to her, "I feel that at the end any controversy is good because at least we are appearing in the news. Today media is giving me that much importance (smirks). Also the show Mad In India is in the news these days so I would say that please leave all this as the show is yet to start."

We wish Purbi all the best for her future endeavors!



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