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"I run 5 to 6 km every day to stay fit" : Yash Gera

Fitness freak Yash Gera shares about his fitness mantra with TellyBuzz…

Yash Gera who plays Shaurya in Rajan Shahi's popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on Star Plus is a fitness freak. Yash works out daily to stay fit and practices yoga religiously. We quizzed Yash to know more about his fitness mantra. 

Let's hear from Yash about his daily practices he does to stay fit.

What does fitness mean to you? What's your idea about fitness?

Fitness to me means a fit and well-toned body, a strong stable mind and a fantastic positive attitude towards life! That is total fitness!

What efforts do you take to stay in shape?

I run 5 to 6 km every day; Skip 1000 times & do 20 minutes of Power Yoga.

Are you conscious about your food choices?

No I am not! I eat everything that I want to, but in smaller quantities and with a gap of 2-3 hours in between two meals  

Three things you do every day to remain fit.

A good workout, balanced diet and a smile, keeps me happy and fit

What is your take about proteins and supplement in take among the guys these days?

I prefer following a natural diet and there is enough protein in my meals. Taking supplements is a short -term approach to build a good physique and get quick results, something that I do not believe in.  

Is there any sport you are skilled at?

Yes it's Badminton that I play whenever I get time from work

A celeb body you admire. 

Arjun Rampal.

What is your fitness secret?

I am an absolute foodie. I eat everything including junk food and ice cream; however, there is a fitness mantra that I follow as well. While eating everything, I follow my workout rigorously. I have stopped weight training and only do skipping, yoga to keep myself fit and flexible. If I do not get time for a workout, I walk a lot which helps me to burn calories.  

A fitness tip for your fans.

I want to tell my fans that you can eat anything you want, but ensure that you take out at least 10 min from your schedule every day to exercise and keep yourself fit. Even a simple walk or jogging will do. Regular exercise is a requirement for the body and not only keeps you fit externally but also make you feel happy from the inside.

Anwesha Kamal


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aksharaholic 6 years ago good going Yash Ji keep it up and hope you the best for future
eggs 6 years ago Thanks for article
Yeh rishta rockss
_Amina_ 6 years ago Thanks for the article!

He is doing superb job as Shaurya in YRKKH!
The_Fan_Girl 6 years ago Thanx TB For Article Smile

Yash Gera U Were Doing Good Job as Shourya In Yeh Rishta Thumbs Up Tongue
sonu. 6 years ago thts kool thanks for sharing
yeh rishta kya kehlata hai rockzz :-)))
-Maryam 6 years ago I so agree with his fitness tip..
People starve themself to look good and fit
Where as exercising is the best option!
You're doing a good job in Yeh rishta Yash :)
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