"I remember doing Time Bomb which was similar to 24!"

Says Rajeev Khandelwal about a show he did eight years back which had the same format as that of Anil Kapoor’s latest offering to Indian Television!

While many are liking the latest Indian TV show with a difference '24 tele-series' on Colors, there was a similar show Time Bomb 9/11' which was a one hour weekly on Zee TV in the year 2005. Rajeev Khandelwal played the role of Field Officer Varun Awasthi, in this show which was produced and directed by Ketan Mehta. A show which was much ahead of its times it was highly appreciated for its content but ran only for six months. 

Ask Rajeev about it and he beams, "I remember doing Time Bomb 9 /11 and am proud of the fact that we did a show like that way back in 2005 and it is now being compared to '24'."

Conceived as a Hindi political thriller the story of Time Bomb 9 /11 was similar to '24' with Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist group trying to destroy Delhi as well as assassinating the Prime Minister. Way back in 2005, it failed to catch the fancy of the audience, "It was definitely a show ahead of its time but unfortunately it went off air soon maybe because of the weekly format which was not so popular at that time. There were also budget constraints which decided the production values," says Rajeev.

And has Rajeev seen '24'? "No... I have not seen it as yet but I have heard that it is very very good! I believe Anil Kapoor has done a great job of coming up with a sleek product with exciting content and great production values!"

Well we are sure if Time Bomb 9 /11 was made today it would have made a bigger impact!

Seema Khot Mattoo

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Comments (49)

Aree, mandira, Time bomb was a super flop. It didn't have a head or a tail.

24 is fast, slick, interesting, engrossing.

10 years ago

luv u rajeev khandelwal. When u launch time bomb people not accept as that time that type of fiction is new. But now people c many detective films like sherlock holmes,cid,main ho na,and many. So now they r accepting

10 years ago

I do remember Rajeev's show. It was okay - okay types.
24 is way to ahead in terms all factors whether be it picturisation, story writing or acting. I watched Time Bomb but the villain in it was OTT ... Rajeev was good in it but there's no comparison with Anil Kapoor.

10 years ago

waiting for Rajeev Khandelwal to cme bck with a new concept...

10 years ago

The production quality in Time Bomb was not up to the mark, and looks shoddy. Maybe a remake or similar show with better technology would help, but the "Mr Pradhan Mantri, tumhari jaan khatre mein hai" was poorly put together.

10 years ago

Luv u Rajeev khandelwal and what u have done had created a benchmark.. luv u a lot and want 2 c u again on tv

10 years ago

Rajeev u hv always been ahead of everyone...u rock..love u

10 years ago

Time bomb is not a copy of 24, it has better story.. Yeah, the concept is same.. Time bomb does not get anything what it deserves... Watching AK'S 24, like it.. But it is not better than time bomb 9/11

10 years ago

Surely Time bomb was a show which was much ahead of its times...It came at a time when saas bahu soaps were ruling the roost...& It was really tough for PHs & channel to come up with a weekl & a show like Time Bomb.

As for comparing 24 & Time Bomb...ppl who have watched both can clearly bring out the similarities...even the camera work, the splitting of screens, the time ticker running...everyhing...

Time bomb was not literally a copy of 24, just the format was similar...
where as 24 is an Indian adaptation of english version...

If ppl are appreciating 24 its good...It shows today's audience is more open & ready to accept changes in TV which they were not in way back in 2005...

Hope 24 opens path for more season based shows...& ppl who missed Time bomb they surely missed something good happened to TV ...

10 years ago

for all those who are saying its a copy etc. Please kindly watch it again and watch it only for entertainment and not for evaluation (remember the prime purpose of shows is to entertain you, if you dont like copy watch original but please kindly appreciate what is admired by many because at the end of the day our appreciation opens gates to the development and improvement and yes positive criticism is also acceptable but with politeness and open mind :)

10 years ago

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