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"I like visiting hill stations during monsoon" : Aniruddh Dave

TellyBuzz in talks with Aniruddh Dave to know about his monsoon experience and his memories related to monsoon.

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The atmosphere is so pleasant these days as its Monsoon! The black clouds, the windy breeze, the aroma of mud, the greenery of trees and the showers from the sky makes us fall in love with the season of Monsoon. We all love to enjoy monsoon in our ways and like all of us; our Telly actors also enjoy having fun during monsoon.

TellyBuzz got in touch with the handsome hunk Aniruddh Dave, who was last seen seen playing the character of Kanhaiya in Zee TV's popular show Housewife Hai...Sab Jaanti Hai to know more about his Monsoon masti and his memories related to monsoon.

Let's see what Aniruddh has to share with us.

Rainy season for me is: A good weather and fun loving climate.   

Precautions I take during monsoon: Be careful of mosquitoes so apply Odomos.   

Your monsoon related memories: I remember while rainy season I used to go for a long drive and ride with my friends which used to be fun. 

My likes and dislikes about monsoon: I like the climate as it's very cool and I enjoy having tea and coffee. What I dislike about monsoon is traffics and water logging on the roads.

Favorite place to visit during monsoon: I like visiting hill stations during monsoon.  

Things I must carry during monsoon: Umbrella and extra pair of clothes.  

My favorite monsoon music: Aaj Mausam Bada Beimaan Hai.

My monsoon special food: Tea and Pakoda.

A moment when I enjoyed with my co-stars: I had enjoyed rains with all my co-stars a lot while I was shooting for my show Housewife Hai...Sab Jaanti Hai.

Monsoon tips for readers: Enjoy the monsoon but also be careful about your health.

Anwesha Kamal


Aniruddh Dave Housewife Hai...Sab Jaanti Hai  Zee TV 

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Kai. 9 years ago 4 stars!!!!!!???????????
all the reviews i have read trashed the movie left right and centre. This is the 1st one where some1 actually appreciated it.2011-08-21 12:58:00
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notoriousniks 9 years ago It's not a one time watch movie. screenplay and cinematography is extremely good. Deepak dobriyal has done a good act like many of his old film. it's seems that this movie is not for ordinary people but for cinema lovers who want to understand the subject very clearly. i like movie very much...2011-08-20 23:39:19
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aanyakunat 9 years ago i really wanna watch this movie... i'm glad RGV is back in form...
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second_chances 9 years ago movies like this glorify the crime, especially since the parents of the victim urged RGV not to make the movie. the criminals went free and now they are gonna get more fame through the movie.
my thoughts and prayers are with the family, may they get through this hard and insensitive times
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poetic 9 years ago Hmm, pretty different review from most other reviews which have kinda trashed the movie.
Ratings and reviews by IF for movies are surely differently abled.
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cooks09 9 years ago what is the purpose of making such movies ??? to make more criminals ??? crime has no justification.. anyways not a movie for me for sure... rgv used to be a good director but ... not sure now ...
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Jess. 9 years ago CAN'T WAIT! Its different & sounds very intriguing!
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Keva 9 years ago Thanks for the review. OMG 4 stars. It certainly is not for me.
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ibelieveinpink 9 years ago This actually looks pretty good and interesting...I really hope the film works b/c BW needs new genres and this one is so underplayed! Well done to the cast and crew!
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-LoVe.KaSh- 9 years ago seems so damn interesting wanna see that movie :D
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