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"I hope people's perception changes once the show goes on air." - Shivani Tomar

Shivani talks about the flak she has been receiving.


Shivani Tomar who will soon be seen in Star Plus much-awaited show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 with Barun Sobti is very much positive about the show despite facing a major flak from the fans for being cast opposite Barun Sobti. 

Talking about the hate and negativity that she has been receiving, Shivani said, "I feel bad on receiving such a response but I am focusing on presenting the best. I don't want to have a negative start. I am hopeful that people's perception will change once the show goes on air as we are giving our best.

I got demotivated at that point when things didn't work for me. My mom has always kept telling me that everything happens for the best reason. I had an opportunity to be a part of popular shows and with this show, I feel content to receive support not only from Barun but also Gul ma'am."

We wish you all the best for your stint in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 Shivani!


Shivani Tomar Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?  Star Plus 

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LadyMacbeth 3 years ago Barun Sobti and Shivani Tomar, you two look fantastic together . Shivani, you are a stunning girl . Please do not get disheartened by the cheap haters . They are showing their low mentality. It is no fault of yours.
BreezyBoo 3 years ago SHIVANI is damn pretty man! Till date never liked Sanaya for her looks, she's got damn weird nose& forehead but always liked her acting. Shivani looks REAL pretty somewhat like Drashti. Hope she slays the show with her acting. Go girl, burn the HATERS! I trust you completely. Good luck :*
MrDarcyfan 3 years ago I am and always will be a fan of IPKKND1. That started my journey of watching Indian TV. so of course it will always be special. Arshi-Sarun were the first Indian TV couple or Jodi that I shipped. So again, they will remain special. However, I will not protest and carry on about the casting of season 3. I too wish they had used another song not Rabba Ve, and I would have liked to see Sarun together, but I am mature enough to accept that's not happening this time.

As for Shivani, dont know her. I have nothing against her. I have not formed an opinion yet. So I wont waste my time hating on her. Will check out the first week of this new show and decide if it's something I will follow. I know what Barun is capable of, so let's see what Shivani can offer and then decide. No point bashing her as she didnt cast herself on this show, the makers did. I dont like Gul Khan, and how she abuses fans. But when it comes to this show, I will reserve judgement till I actually see it.
Sonalidreams 3 years ago Best of luck Shivani. You truley deserve to be Chandni. Wish u get all the success in future.
#Advini rocks2017-06-15 00:53:48
iDea-yeS-viruS 3 years ago i was so keen to watch 'Satya Ki Kiran' ,unluckily it's scrapped but it made me to think about Barun-shivani pair.after she selected for kasam then dropped. then ipk3 announced. though i had no objections, i wasnt curious to watch their Jodi. To be honest haters only increased my curiosity to watch their chemistry. after watching all these kind of bashing, I want her to justify her selection. I hope she will.All the best to Shivani Tomar. Best Wishes to Barun for his re-entry.I know he will mesmerise us one more time.
Zarahatke 3 years ago Cant wait to see barun and shivani together
varshini15 3 years ago stop bashing or not liking shivani-barun pairing . nobody knew how sanaya-barun pairing will be in the starting , but eventually it turned out to be too good , it does not mean that shivani-barun pairing will not be good , give them a chance . eagerly looking forward to ipkknd 3 .
RoseWine 3 years ago Stop comparing her to Sanaya people! Get over it..Barun is acting with another actress. Give them a chance. I am not expecting the Barun Sanaya charm here but something else. They are actors before anything else. For their career sake creativity takes many shapes and forms. Being with different artists is a part of that platform.2017-06-14 18:27:16
Alikhan2158 3 years ago Guys I BEG U, Please JUST Give Shivani a chance. She sounds really promising. She is truly gentle despite all the hate she has been getting. Why r u all so horrible to her?? What do u want from her?? Gul Khan said that Sanaya didn't fit the character and I agree with her. This season, the story is different as compared to previous seasons. It's more of a revenge thriller now. Loving the promos and Barun-Shivani. All the best to them. Will surely miss Sanaya and hope she wins NB
Hamster 3 years ago Good luck Shivani Wish you best luck and all success with BARUN SOBTI in Project IPKKND 3 Waiting For IPKKND 3,,
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