"I have lot of plans for my future"-Danica Moadi

Danica Moadi aka Shagun of Star Plus' Navya in conversation with Telly Buzz...

All are familiar with the dolt and the sister's pet Shagun of Siddharth Tewary's Navya on Star Plus. But is the real Danica in anyway connected to Shagun?

Danica Moadi, in an exclusive conversation with Telly Buzz, speaks about her journey into acting and her dreams that she wants to fulfill...


Danica MoadiTell your story of getting into acting
I did not know I ended up becoming an actor because though I wished to become an actor, I did not know that my dream would ever come true. My parents are highly educated and hence I completed my studies and went to Canada for my further studies. After that I worked in Dubai for some time and then came to Mumbai for acting.

What is your character about in Navya?
Shagun is a very sweet and bubbly girl who has no brains to plan and plot. She really loves Anant a lot, but does not have the brains to get him and impress him.

Which other shows have you done before?
I started with Jeevan Saathi on Colors and then did Hum Ladkiyan - maayke se sasural tak on Sony TV. Also I did Episodic like CID, Maano Yaa Na Maano, Aahat, Ssshhh. Phir Koi Hai. I also did Modelling in Mumbai for some time.

Tell us about your nature
I can't gel easily with anyone as I need to spend time with the person so that I can know him or her better and talk to them. People might think that I am conservative because of this. I love having the focus on myself and I love attention.

Which point of time have you struggled the most?
I have struggled way too much, but the best part was that my parents have always been there with me. Canada was a struggle for me, because I was living all alone over there.

What are your interests other than acting?
I love Photography, and I love adventure sports and Water and I love dancing.

Who are your favourite film stars?
I love Amitabh bachan, he is the best. And in actresses I really like Madhuri Dixit a lot; she's a diva on planet earth.

Can you cook? What's your favourite dish?
I can cook everything and I love Italian and Chinese the most. I have a lot of fight with my friends when we go out for dinner, because I love Italian and Chinese and they all are Punjabi food lovers.

What is your philosophy of life?
Accept the nature of thanking and always be grateful for what you have and never crib for more.

Favourite holiday destination?
I love Vancouver and Dubai and I really want to see the entire Europe.

Who is your idol?
Mom. She is one person whom I look up to always, because she has been there with me through my thick and thin.

What are your plans for the future?
I have a lot of plans for my future and I want to fulfill each and every plan of mine. I want to act a lot and I want to do reality shows. I want to learn professional dancing  and I want to bag a lot of awards and people's appreciation.

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Comments (27)

nice one. she is beauty with brains .. lol

12 years ago

good interview and i always like educated people

13 years ago

she is really veryy sweettt...she totally opposite to shagun

13 years ago

she is sweet.. totally opposite 4m shagun..!!

13 years ago

she is really cute, i find her character a lot better than navya..

13 years ago

She's sweet, and i never knew so much about her.

13 years ago

She's sweet! :) And she seems pretty educated as well so a good combination of beauty and brains :)

13 years ago

never watch her... never watch the chanel except LUZ...

13 years ago

omg she's a totally different from her charcter in navya shes the opposite im so suprised ! :O

13 years ago

So sweet... All the best x
U go girl

13 years ago

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