"I have been celebrating my birthday on the sets since the last 14 years," - Hrishikesh

Hrishikesh Pandey talks birthday plans and other things.

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For the last many years, actor Hrishikesh Pandey has been celebrating his birthday on the sets of his shows, and this year is no different. The actor, who turned a year older on 11th December, says that birthdays have never been about big celebrations for him. 

"Normally, I always celebrate my birthday quietly, not much of a celebration. I generally do a small thing with friends. In almost 14 years, I celebrated my birthday on sets only," he said.

Asked if it turning a year older bothers him, he said, "When I was young, about 15 years, I lied saying that I am 20 years old. I wanted to grow up faster. But now that I am older, I want to be younger. I think this is a natural reaction," he says.

Remembering other people's birthdays can be quite a task and Hrishikesh says that there have been times when he has forgotten his friends' birthdays. "Yes, I have forgotten my friends and the closest ones' birthdays at times. But no matter what, they never forget my birthday. I forgot my brother's anniversary and later made an excuse that I called but could not get through due to network issues," he says.

Ask him what his most memorable birthday gift is, and he says, "The most memorable birthday which I can recollect was the one when my father gifted me a bike. He gave me the one that I always wanted and that moment was overwhelming. Those days one could not just go and buy a bike anytime. Another time was when on my birthday, my family surprised me by coming to my house."

In fact, his mother is the first one to wish him every year. "She waits till 12 midnight every year and then wishes me. She is always the first one," he says.

Laksh, Suhani Dhanki, Ashlesha Sawant were spotted on the set wishing him.

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wish him happy birthday
but i have a question 11th december was Gaurav Khanna s birth date too why you didnt mentioned his birthday indiaforums? i cant understand your point of not mentioning his name in even his shows or personal interviews & news too? Indiaforums whats this Discrimination ?

6 years ago

Proud of u sir...love ya

10 years ago

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