"I have a convincing face"-Nishant Shokeen

TellyBuzz in conversation with Nishant Shokeen aka Kanha on Zee TV's Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

Zee TV's Chhoti Bahu recently saw the entry of pleasant faced Kanha who is helping Radhika (Rubina Dilaik) in all her ventures. Though a common face in every household today, Nishant Shokeen is still unknown to a lot of people. TellyBuzz thought of having a small chat with the actor today to know about his work and his experiences...

... And hey, this is the first ever full-fledged interview that Nishant has given to any media.
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Nishant Shokeen
How did you bag the role?
I had done my previous show with Zee TV (Mera Naam Karegi Roshan) and when they called me to take this show up, I could not say no. There are not so many people who have got to do characters of diverse emotions. After portraying a negative role in the earlier show, it is good to portray a sacred role. I learnt a lot of Hindi (laughs).

When you were told that you are playing Kanha, were you nervous?
I was really conscious because when you hear the name of Kanha we just have one person in mind and that is of the legendary actor Nitish Bharadwaj. I had made up my mind that I will be a small thing here.  

Any preparations done for the character?
There are not much preparations needed for the character apart from the pure Hindi that we have to speak for the character. Normally we speak Hinglish which is seen even in television. I saw a few episodes of Mahabharat also and it has been great working for the show.

How has the journey been for you in the industry?
I have been doing television for seven years now and have done a lot of shows and the journey has been great.

You have been a popular face in ads, what do you enjoy doing the most?
It has always been character oriented performances for me. Television has more recognition as compared to ads. But in ads as well there is a lot of hard work where you have to be really convincing to the audience. And people have told me I have a convincing face (laughs).  

You have done different roles in television, which is the most memorable one?
The role that I did in Thodi Si Zameen Thoda Sa Aasmaan on Star Plus is one of the most memorable. Also the Bhojpuri character that I played in Durgesh Nandini.

You have not tried reality shows; will we see you in one soon?
I don't know, but I would love to do Jhalak Dikhla Jaa because dancing in front of Madhuri will be ultimate.

What kind of role do you personally like to play?
Honestly, I would like to play a role which has fire within like Amitabh Bachchan's role in Zanjeer. A role which change things around.

You have been there in the industry for so long. What are the changes have you noticed?
I do not think there are much changes apart from too much of saas-bahu stuff happening (laughing). The system of work has improved a lot with the CINTAA rule coming in.

Was there any struggling phase in the industry for you?
I have been really lucky that every phase was a learning phase for me. I have not done any course in acting and whatever I know today is all because of the series of auditions that I gave earlier. I used to give four to five auditions a day and I learnt everything during that phase.

What would you like to tell your fans?
I would just like to say that please love your Kanha more and I would also like to wish you all a very happy new year.   

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan

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Comments (28)

Nishant is doing a good job
Rubina is awesome as Kanha

12 years ago

lovely nishant u totally rock as kanha n kip doing so

12 years ago

Nishant is doing a good job
Rubina is awesome as Kanha

12 years ago

great job in choti bahu so happy cb is back with eason 2

12 years ago

THANKS for sharing TB.
good luck to nishant.You are doing good in CB as kanha.love cb very much.

12 years ago

You are simply AWESOME as Kanha, totally love your performance

12 years ago

nishant u r good actor n u r dng a good job as kanha ...luv avina

12 years ago

He is doing great as Kanha and looking convincing..all the best

12 years ago

Kaha's character added in CB makes the show interesting, loving Choti Bahu very much. CB rocks.

12 years ago

Doing... good as Kahna... Rubiii too as Kahna

12 years ago

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