"I had auditioned for the role of Trisha in 24!"

Says Amrita Raichand who had earlier played a similar character in a similar show Time Bomb 9 /11 on Zee TV.

The yummy mummy, Amrita Raichand who has been the face of the show Mummy ka Magic on Sanjeev Kapoor's food channel Food Food is all set for a second innings in acting. While the beautiful Amrita has been seen in ads all over, acting had taken a back seat and despite doing cameos in films she was not seen much around. She is basking in the glory of her latest release Baat Ban Gayi and is looking forward for more films in the future. 
However, not many know that she had been part of the show Time Bomb 9 / 11 on Zee TV and the show was very similar to the currently popular show 24 on Colors. In Time Bomb, she had played the role of Roma Awasthi, wife to Varun Awasthi (played by Rajeev Khandelwal). Ask her about it and she says with a smile, "I am proud to be associated with a show like Time Bomb 9 /11 which was made way ahead of its time by Ketan Mehta who is a creative genius. Making such a classy, high budget show in those days means a lot." The show didn't do that well, "There were couple of glitches and also the weekly format was not as popular those days but whoever had watched it had loved it. I remember it was very popular in Delhi maybe because the story was based in Delhi."

After 24 has gone on-air, Amrita has been getting responses as to how much the show is similar to Time Bomb. Not only that she also auditioned for the show, "I was called to audition for the role of Anil Kapoor's wife Trisha, which is now being played by Tisca Chopra. They needed someone who would look like a mother to an 18 year old girl and maybe that is the reason I didn't fit the bill," says the svelte Amrita. 

It was something Amrita was eagerly waiting for she says, "Yes, I was dying to be a part of the show since I have watched the original 24 series and loved it."

So, has she seen the show now that it is on-air? "I have been busy travelling and working like a mad woman for my film ever since the show 24 was launched so unfortunately I have not watched it as yet. I have heard that it has been very well done and I believe that they will have many more seasons of it so I still hope that I get a chance to act in it!"

All the best, is all we can say Amrita!

Seema Khot Mattoo

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Comments (7)

" They needed someone who would look like a mother to an 18 year old girl and maybe that is the reason I didn't fit the bill "

Rofl Like seriously? Cause this lady looks elder than Tisca :P

And Tisca is jus perfect for the role! She's doing a good job

10 years ago

Time Bomb was an amazing show...Way ahead of its time...Rajeev Khandelwal<3

10 years ago

Though 24 is doing good but Time Bomb 9/11 was way better than 24 now.
The story,cast,acting everything was better,sensible in Time Bomb.
and its sad to say,that even though 24 has biggies,when you compare the 2 shows Time Bomb will take the crown.

10 years ago

Time bomb 9/11 is one of the best show of tv.. Rajeev did a fab job... 24 is a nice show, but it can't beat time bomb 9/11...

10 years ago

I watched time bomb 9/11 though i'm a great fan of rajeev kandewal, he and the show both was awesome..
i also watching 24 these days, it has similar format to that of time bomb 9/11...
anil kapoor acting is fabulous...and tisca chopra is right choice because she looks like a mother of 18 years old, amrita hardly looks like mother of 8 years old but not more than that...

But i will still say time bomb 9/11 was better...may be it is related to terror of 9/11 which we all had in those days...but the show was awesome
i'm looking forward to 24...and wish we get some more seasons and amrita wish will fulfill and we get to see her in some different role

10 years ago

I had watched Time bomb 9/11!!!!She was nice in it!!!!

I am not watching 24 though!!!!!

10 years ago

used to watch Time Bomb 9 / 11.it was awesome.
24 is doing great

10 years ago

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